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    Federer string setup 2003/2004

    I have posted them before. Happy to email u and u can post.
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    Federer string setup 2003/2004

    Yes correct I have one of his frames from 2003
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    New Boris Becker Puma/Power Beam/Estusa petition

    I don’t understand that he owned 50% of volkl and the rights to the frame but never reissued the super or winner. Very strange?
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    Congratulations djok

    Congratulations on faking a injury. Booed by the crowd.
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    Wilson ps85 original MSRP?

    Only for tennis stuff. Plus I still have the receipt
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    Wilson ps85 original MSRP?

    I paid $119 for mine in 1989 from Samuel tennis shop
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    16 Kyrgios free weeks

    It’s exactly what he wanted. Now he can let loose till nye. Come AO he will be bundled first round.
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    What's wrong with Djokovic shoulder?

    Nothing wrong with him. Everyone knows it that’s why he was booed. He knew he couldn’t go toe to toe with big stan when big stan is in that zone so he did what he does best. Retire. Pathetic and he asks why nobody likes him.
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    RF Logo Rights Coming Back to Federer

    PeRFectly put mate
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    Classics in movies and TV shows

    Taking care of business. Bulushi is using a cts thunderstick and big sack is using the cts graduate
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    Andre Agassi says In His Prime on grass sampras Would Beat Federer

    For some strange reason Agassi has a hard on for rog. He better cut these stupid comments or he will have no fans left at all.
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    Rafter or Edberg? Who was better?

    Edberg would have smashed rafter.