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  • Hello Richard,

    I love all your work and I am extrwamly great fun for all your efforts as your videos have enabled me to get into a true passion and love of mine which is tennis stringing.

    Quick question for you. I want to start starting my mains line you do instead of the yusuki method. Can you explain a little why you start the mains the way you do or why you chose this way to start them.
    It appears your pulling the two center mains by hand while you set the anchor clamp. Just facilitated as obviously your one of the best on the planet and was looking for the science behind it. Thanks Richard once again LOVE your work huge fan
    I'm searching for a used quality stringing machine and was told to Contact you. It seems the Babolat 5 or Machines like that one should fit my buisiness well. Would be very glad if you could help me.
    Best Regards
    Björn Andersson
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