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    Can't play, so what's the next best thing?

    I can only play once a week at best right now so I'm doing kettlebell workouts. It improves cardiovascular conditioning, strength, joint and muscle flexibility, even balance . It's also fun and you feel great when you're done.
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    Dentist dishonesty

    I just stopped going to a dentist. I noticed on my Explanation of benefits statements that they were billing my insurance for visits that I never made. Also that same dentist you have to prepay for everything. They basically know what they are going to get from insurance and then you have...
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    I played tennis with Bill Gates today

    It was too late by the time OS2 came out. All the Fortune 500 Companies had already purchased Millions in hardware and sent at least the same amount in training employees to use Dos and Lotus 123/Word Perfect. He's smart and IBM was stupid. For the last 200 years it was demonstrated that...
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    It's possible, I have had lots of friends that were servers in mid to high end restaurants here in Atlanta. Especially if you work the banquet/party rooms at a nice restaurant you could make 400-600$ in a night easy. From my experience servers never have money because they are young and go...
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    I NEVER over tip.. unless I'm in a bar or club then you over tip for the first round so the waitress or bartender gets you taken care of quicker. I usually tip 15-20% and maybe 3 or 4 times in my life gave 10% or 25+% for a dinner. That being said I think the notion that you can't go out...
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    Stock Market Simulator

    I did an internship with bear stearns in college. If you asked any broker/Jr. Brokers what to do with $30k they would say go buy some lottery tickets. If it wasn't a million dollar + account they couldn't make enough money and weren't interested. But there's always the stories about the guy...
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    does it bother anyone else?

    I thought I was the only one, and per a toilet paper commercial I saw last week, According to "America" via a website poll..... Away is the "Right" way
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    TW Stars: Where Are They NOW?

    I guess everyone I like isn't necessarily likable. Heycal is 100% right too. I guess I just never took him very seriously. :)
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    Wikpedia is accurate

    :) that was great! Illustrates the point that no single source is going to get it right all the time. That being said I think that NPR, Wiki, and even BBC are a little more honest and reliable. 1st off they don't depend on advertising as much due to public funding and ten year review by...
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    Wikpedia is accurate

    For News I'll stick with NPR and BBC. But Wiki is usually very accurate from what I've seen. That being said shouldn't you always do your own research to confirm any source.
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    Energy drinks --do they help?????

    I thought a very small amount of caffeine/ginseng was shown to improve concentration. That can't be bad for tennis. Of course all the sugar and the overdose amount of caffeine and other crap in an energy drink is probably not going to help. I read a study that said even swishing a Gatorade...
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    TW Stars: Where Are They NOW?

    First off I think Steady Eddy has a Cyber Crush on Superstition. At the very least he proves that he should be a "Star" because he clearly made a lasting impression. And I liked Deuce, usually thought he was wrong but that's ok.
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    But the Ipad is "MAJIC!!". If they had an AF 2MP+ camera and microphone along with SIP softphone app, video conferencing app, and Netflix App this would be all I would need for 95-98% of my personal computer needs. They claim they put in the crappy processor to extend battery life, and it...
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    Other cool thing iPad has super nice Led backlit screen so its' super bright and clear with almost perfect blacks and the screen will last as long or longer than you'll own the device. For 500$ I might get it. I need to see it in person but this will probably be my next laptop.... I...
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    Text books would be great. I just paid almost 600$ for my wifes books this semester if I could cut that in half an ipad would pay for itself in one semester. I read that the text book publishers are a little scared of going ebook and only one or two of the big text book publishers is even...