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    Predicted it

    I'm ok, jolly. I play table tennis now. It's easier on the joints.
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    Wimbledon is in the bag. Come back to this post in a few months.
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    A funny, but meaningless Federer stat

    A different slam, but you left out Cilic. Federer has beaten him 3 straight
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    Nadal can still easily surpass/match Federer's Slam count

    Nadal isn't surpassing Federer. At least he passed Sampras for 2nd place, that's a very good consolation prize.
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    Predicted it

    I stopped betting when I became a cop
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    Predicted it

    I called it years ago when Federer was on the decline, Federer would win more than 20 majors. Nobody can say Rickson doesn't stay loyal.
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    Straight to bent, bent to bent and bent to straight?

    The only time I ever go bent to straight is on an overhead.
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    Straight to bent, bent to bent and bent to straight?

    Isn't this about forehands?
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    Does anybody at TalkTennis "NOT" serve 120MPH?

    The late 90s? That's when some of my girlfriends were born.
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    TE won't go away

    Apply heat.
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    TE won't go away

    Try switching hands for a while. It'll be a great opportunity for you to develop your weak hand. You could be the next Rafael Nadal!
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    Would you not work ??

    Thanks, mikeler. Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way especially these days.
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    TE won't go away

    Plenty of rest will do it. It's like the old doctor joke. It hurts when I do this. So don't do that.