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    Hi everyone!

    Wow, I hadn't visited this forum since 01-28-2008! Almost a full year ago! Well, just wanted to say hi. Hopefully, I'll be coming back, again, with a little more frecuency, to keep learning from you all. See you around.
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    Djoker's Coach

    I agree :)
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    Federer losing to Samprass

    I don't know, I just want Fed to win the FO and 15 GS titles before he retires. The rest doesn't matter. Sounds tough for anyone else, but I Know Fed can, still, do it.
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    Tsonga da GOAT!

    I hope Tsonga isn't Bahgdatis 2nd Part.
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    The best string setup on K Factor 90 is....

    There's no "best string". It took me a couple of years of reading around this forum and experimenting to find out what kind of set-ups I prefer and/or play better with. Good luck.
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    Powerful poly?

    Cyber Power is the best power copoly out there, period.
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    Yonex Strings

    Yonex strings rule! I use all of them, depending on what I'm doing. In short: 80 for control, 880 for awesome power, 850 for something in between.
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    slice backhand questions

    Actually, slicing is MUCH easier than topspining. Anyway, all your questions will be answered by yourself with time. You need to practice, practice, practice. I'd say experiment with different levels of follow through... And sorry if my reply isn't what you wanted. Hopefull someome with abetter...
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    Topspin Cyber Power String 17 recommendations

    I agree it's, probably, the most powerful poly out there. Control is good, if you have good topspin technique. Comfort is great (the only softest poly I've used is Topspin Poly Polar). Yes and feel is good, for a poly, too. Spin is GREAT for me.
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    which does nalbandian use?rough or no rough

    I'll ask him.
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    pardorn is the luckiest player alive

    He may be the biggest sport name in Thailand, but that doesnt mean he has that much money. Forgive me my ignorance, but, in tennis, don't you need to win many important tournaments to make serious money? Unless you're Anna K, of course, and get the money from the sponsors. Is that his case? Just...
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    Pro Supex Big Ace MICRO 1.15mm - my thoughts

    Is Pro Supex Big Ace MICRO 1.15mm more comfortable and powerful than Pro Supex Big Ace?
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    greatest motion on the serve

    And 100...
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    26 year old Sampras would have regularly beaten 26 year old Federer

    Who knows... but a 50 year old Federer would beat a 50 year old Sampras, every time. Why? Because of the hair. Yes, the hair. Federer will have plenty, while Sampras will have none. Confidence baby.
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    Stringing poly low

    I never string full poly jobs higher than 50 pounds, becuase it feels like crap.