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  • I could ask my friend if the lady we bought from has any more. I guess she get tickets for the whole tourney & doesn't need them all
    That would be so cool! I could paypal the payment easily.
    I would try searching on the Cincinnati area craigslist. We picked up a few tickets that way for an evening session that was sold out.
    Saw your message regarding those Cincy tickets. I don't have an Amex card, though. And I'm having a hard time buying tickets from stubhub.
    I'd like to attend both sessions on august 20th. What do you advise me to do?
    Thank you for your help! :)
    i have three sets of N.Vy 16 ($6.95 ea=$21) which I could trade for your set of Wilson NXT Control ($18.95) if you throw in a couple of bucks to even up the trade value. Can mail today if we agree and you provide me your mailing address. See my references on previous string trades. John
    I am not sure if you got my old messages. Do you want to trade for yonex string? I have spin G (red) 3.5 sets and poly tour spin (blue) 10+ sets. I am interested in your ALU rough and champions choice. Intereseted? Mine are retail sets,
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