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    Pre-stretching poly strings

    Actually this way is very safe. If the string breaks or the clamp slips, the only thing that happens is I roll on my back. If I were to stand, there is more chance for an injury, even with the “kickstand” method of having one leg behind me. Trust me, after 80,000+ racquets, I’ve tried all sorts...
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    R. Parnell interview (2019)

    Positively scandalous if ya ask me. Back in the day when I was active on the GSS boards, Ron Yu publicly tore me a new azzhole for suggesting what Parnell very matter-of-factly confesses to here. Don't think I "tore you a new azzhole." Just clarified that almost all stringing knots are...
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    Federer's RF97 racquet from "Match For Africa 2" (Dec 2014) with pictures

    The amazing part is the guy is selling the Hyper Pro Staff cosmetic for 35k, and there is nothing to indicate that Federer had anything to do with that frame. Wilson made that frame for several players, not only Federer. I’m intrigued by the use of a P1 bag in the picture. When Federer used that...
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    Roman Prokes Under Review Podcast Interview

    Just to clarify, Priority One has been stringing for Novak at all Slams and Masters 1000’s since 2007. We still continue to do so. Doesn’t mean he won’t fire us at anytime, but we hope not.
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    Work up the ladder to become professional stringer.

    I don’t know if it’s for wusses, but I’ve never taped my fingers.
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    How much would you pay for Babolat 4 star?

    We've probably got more of a reason to buy a Star 4/2502E more than anyone out there. That being said, we'd have a hard time buying one priced more that around 800-900 USD. No more available parts means they are one failure away from being worthless. They are 20 year old machines, and brand...
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    What causes natural gut string jobs to break in storage?

    2 years? I’m assuming those clamps were in bad shape when you got them. I’m always amazed people still want to buy Star 4 machines. They are very good machines, but there are no spare parts available. Any Star 4 machine today is old, and is one failure away from being a very large paper...
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    What causes natural gut string jobs to break in storage?

    Yes, still using Star 4’s. I haven’t worn out a set of clamps yet. My current clamps are the same ones that came with my machine when we purchased it. The clamps have got about 30,000 racquet stringing on them, and are still going strong.
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    What causes natural gut string jobs to break in storage?

    Not all of the people I string for a professionals. Also, I’ve got quite a few special racquets from important tournaments some of our clients have played. Eventually the gut breaks. I’m assuming it’s because the gut dries out, and this weakens the fibers. Not sure if that is in fact the reason...
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    Natural Gut Breaking at Parnell Knot

    Honestly, I haven’t any idea how much force I use. I use enough to cinch the knot up, but I guess not enough to possibly damage the anchor string. I guess it’s just what I feel is right for gut. I started stringing at tournaments back in the 1980’s when the vast majority of players used natural...
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    Natural Gut Breaking at Parnell Knot

    I not sure what knot I use since I’ve never really thought about it, but a lot of tournament stringers use what has now become called the “Parnell Knot.” Like some other knots, it is pretty much foolproof if done properly. The likely culprits are either you didn’t do it correctly, the tie off...
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    Federer getting his racquet strung

    I don't go to a lot of matches because I usually need to wake up between 4am-6am depending on how early I need to get racquets done, and then I'll start working on racquets again in the evening for a few hours. If I went to matches all the time, I'd have almost no time to relax during my time...
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    Does Federer Actually Play With the RF97?

    These red buttcaps were sent to us with the hairpins, so we are using them. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, I guess.
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    Fed fans and P1 fans enjoy!

    We don't have loads of customers in NYC, mainly due to the fact we're located in Florida. To be honest, bragging rights in Zephyrhills, Florida doesn't generate a whole lot of business.
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    LOL Verdasco quality lead layout on his old Babos

    The lead was probably straight when it was first applied. After a while, the lead start moving around on the frame due to the flexing of the frame during play. Since pro players put much more stress on their frames than recreational players, it occurs much quicker and is more pronounced. The...