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    Do you kill the net player if you get a short ball? doubles.

    Get out of the effing way of you can't handle the potential body shot. Why is this so hard for people to understand? You have zero right to stand up at the net blocking the easiest shot and expecting your opponent to hit around you. And I've never seen a sitter so short that I couldn't step...
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    "Myth of hitting around the ball"

    5263, we need the link, but as I know you know one cannot hit around the ball. Contact time is like 5 ms. An inside out swing helps lay the racquet back during the initial part of the forward swing and puts the arm in a good position to come back across the body causing the the lag to release...
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    Don Budge Advised Mac To Approach Up The Middle.

    Can be. I played a guy who had very accurate, well place passing shots. He didn't swing hard though; he used your pace against you. Started approaching up the middle with a slow, deep ball and forced him to generate the pace and the angles. I got to enough volleys to win.
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    any tips on how to get higher rpm's on forehand?

    Fundamentally you are going to have to increase the amount you swing up (more technically increase the component of the swing that is perpendicular the ball's incoming path). If you want a small increase then work on swinging more up with your current stroke. If you want a large increase...
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    Too much topspin?

    FWIW... Your fh looks great. In a cooperative rally, if they're complaining about your spin then you need to find better people to hit with. Generally the same in mini tennis, though there was one guy I used to hit with who would take a high speed swing at the ball, just all up. The ball was...
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    What exactly does a "heavy shot" mean?

    Sorry to be so dense, but I'm just not understanding what you're saying about the various angle you're calculating. Apologies for all of the misunderstandings. But seriously, swing the edge of the racquet across the ball's path, trying to match the swing path with the racquet's angle. Use...
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    What exactly does a "heavy shot" mean?

    The swing path of 45° and racquet face at 90° - yes, this clearly works. Ball will have ts and come off the racquet at some angle up relative to the ground. would present the stringbed at 45° - 45° open? I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but if you swung at the ball straight with a 45° open...
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    What exactly does a "heavy shot" mean?

    If I understand you, that swing path angle and racquet face angle directly tradeoff , then respectfully I disagree. They are related and influence each other, but they don't just trade off with each other. Let me know if I missunderstood you.
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    What exactly does a "heavy shot" mean?

    2) was my original assumption. This drives the ball into ground unless the ball is sharply on the rise, and in this case would have some backspin.
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    What exactly does a "heavy shot" mean?

    @BlueB, you're right. Apologies to @JimJones. If I may paraphrase, JimJones sad saying to swing the racquet with both the racquet angled at 45 degrees AND with a 45 degree path. Yes, that will put topspin on the ball and not just drive it into the ground. I will say that even with the swing path...
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    What exactly does a "heavy shot" mean?

    If all you do is swing at the ball with a face 45 degrees down you'll just drive the ball into the ground.
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    Djokovic playing style

    Hits hard on both sides, not crazy hard, but every ball has a lot on it. He's not giving his opponent much to work with on his basic rally ball. Incredible court coverage. The quality of his ball hardly changes when he's hitting from extremely defensive positions, so it's really hard to get...
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    How do You find/feel your forehand grip?

    Initially use your eyes to get your hand in the right position and to learn the feel of the grip, but ultimately it's the feel that matters. Don't worry if it's not exactly where you started.
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    AHHH! Are there any sports psych tips that have worked for you?

    8 million years since I've played match, or even a set, but . . . - My personal favorite, WANT your opponent to hit a great shot back. More than just expect it. Even feel insulted if they don't get the ball back to you. Point here is to move yourself far away from the mindset where you're hoping...
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    OHBH what to do on close fast rising ball?

    If your opponent catches you playing in and then hits it deep with top, then you're in a bit of a bad spot. Going back is probably not an option. There's not enough time to get back far enough to where the ball would be on the fall, so you'd back up just to hit a shoulder or head high ball...