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    Loose Poly Strings+Heavy Swing Weight

    I am going to go on a limb and say your spin and RHS are not high to begin with if you have no issue swinging a 381 SW racquet. 381 would be higher than most ATP players.
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    FH and BH tips?

    Some thoughts... 1. Could use more pop on the BH. It just doesn't feel as big as my FH. No idea what's wrong. It does feel more stable though. Helps me stay in the rally, but I am not winning points with my BH. 2. My right hand (non hitting hand) seems to drop on my FH. I don't know why. I do...
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    Sandbagged by probable 4.5 in usta 3.5 tournament

    I'd say it's less 3.5 winning the game and more 5.0 not warmed up and putting a few balls into the net. Recently played a 3.5 and went 6-1 and 6-0...first game I had 3 DFs followed by a missed volley. Things happen.
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    Sandbagged by probable 4.5 in usta 3.5 tournament

    How do you know what you are averaging on strokes and serves? Do you have a radar gun or are you just eyeballing? (Although I suspect it's the former since those are pretty precise numbers).
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    Georgia Tri-Level State

    Don't feel bad. It's not just your state. I played at Sectionals in 3 different regions and all the teams that came from smaller areas got blown out. There's just not enough competition in smaller areas. You end up playing the same people over and over and that isn't good for anyone's game.
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    I want to get some constructive criticism (video inside)

    Try to exhale through your mouth if grunting is difficult because you tried it before. Think of the left hip moving forward as a result of your forward momentum. You are not trying to consciously open up your hip. I see a lot of people do that and the upper / lower body looks disconnected...
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    I want to get some constructive criticism (video inside)

    1. Breath out as you hit the ball. That helps you stay loose. You can either grunt or really exaggerate the exhale to achieve it. 2. Your hip doesn't open up. For example on the FH, your left foot stays planted instead of going through and ending in front of your right foot. Not all the time...
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    Is doubles a separate game than singles? And Is doubles not easier?

    Doubles is definitely easier on the body. I can play a without taking a drink. I'd die if I tried that in singles. I used to think doubles took less skill than singles because I shared your view, that doubles inherently allows weaknesses to be covered. But having played more doubles lately at...
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    4.0 still full of pushers

    Grunting is one method to help you exhale through your shot. Server has other reasons for not getting results, but grunting isn't one of them.
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    Officially jumping on the heavier racquet bandwagon

    I played with both but prefer the feel of the 18x20. I strung mine with 18G Solinco Revolution at 54M/52X with 1 gram of lead at 10 and 2 (0.5 each) and a leather grip.
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    9.0 mixed doubles

    The guy in white shirt makes almost no errors, has great anticipation, shot selection and execution. He's probably not the strongest 5.0, but there's nothing on the tape that says he's couldn't be a 5.0. Pretty big gap between a low 5.0 and a high 5.0 after all. Could be a recently bumped 4.5...
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    The most lopsided example of "pretty strokes" losing to ugly hack self-taught strokes?

    Certainly agree that he doesn't have enough match experience (ball placement, approach shots down the middle). But he doesn't have great strokes either. I saw a few good FHs, but mainly because the ball happened to come into his strike zone. He simply doesn't have the anticipation and footwork...
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    4.0 still full of pushers

    You may indeed be able to beat a pusher without being able to hit on the rise. But do you know how much easier it is if you are able to? Anyway, my response was merely to highlight that people who complain about losing to pushers more often than not don't have a full toolkit, hitting on the rise...
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    4.0 still full of pushers

    Yep. Pushers are the gate keepers to 4.5. If you can't consistently beat them, you don't really have the full toolkit. How many 4.0s can consistently hit FH/BH on the rise?