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    4.0 still full of pushers

    Grunting is one method to help you exhale through your shot. Server has other reasons for not getting results, but grunting isn't one of them.
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    Officially jumping on the heavier racquet bandwagon

    I played with both but prefer the feel of the 18x20. I strung mine with 18G Solinco Revolution at 54M/52X with 1 gram of lead at 10 and 2 (0.5 each) and a leather grip.
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    9.0 mixed doubles

    The guy in white shirt makes almost no errors, has great anticipation, shot selection and execution. He's probably not the strongest 5.0, but there's nothing on the tape that says he's couldn't be a 5.0. Pretty big gap between a low 5.0 and a high 5.0 after all. Could be a recently bumped 4.5...
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    The most lopsided example of "pretty strokes" losing to ugly hack self-taught strokes?

    Certainly agree that he doesn't have enough match experience (ball placement, approach shots down the middle). But he doesn't have great strokes either. I saw a few good FHs, but mainly because the ball happened to come into his strike zone. He simply doesn't have the anticipation and footwork...
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    4.0 still full of pushers

    You may indeed be able to beat a pusher without being able to hit on the rise. But do you know how much easier it is if you are able to? Anyway, my response was merely to highlight that people who complain about losing to pushers more often than not don't have a full toolkit, hitting on the rise...
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    4.0 still full of pushers

    Yep. Pushers are the gate keepers to 4.5. If you can't consistently beat them, you don't really have the full toolkit. How many 4.0s can consistently hit FH/BH on the rise?
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    Response to NRTP grievance request

    I think scores like this are more prevalent at the lower ratings because the gap between a player's weakness and strength can be pretty big. So if your weakness happens to play into your opponent's strength, a double bagel is certainly not out of question because the relative advantage is...
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    Response to NRTP grievance request

    How are the 2.5s who get bumped up to 3.0 doing at the 3.0 level? If they are legit cleaning the field even at 3.0, then yea I think you might have a point. Because they are probably closer to 3.5 and it's not really fun playing someone who is a full level above you. With that said, if these...
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    Reasonable swingweight?

    Statements like that are incredibly misleading, need more context, and really doesn't help anyone new trying to get into the game. Within a certain range of SW, it really depends on the player's technique and strength. I mean, we really going to tell Thiem he needs more SW? Maybe Nadal needs to...
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    Hitting more topspin - a gradual process or something just click?

    Brushing up on the ball is good advice. But still try to maintain forward momentum. Your racquet's movement is too vertical. Use more legs to help get the spin. I'd start by playing mini tennis and hitting slower balls, really exaggerating your swing to get a feel for top spin. It will click...
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    Reasonable swingweight?

    Sorry I missed it. Haven't been active here as much as I like to be. Link? Is it the one you uploaded and you are hitting with him?
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    Reasonable swingweight?

    I'd love to see it.
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    Reasonable swingweight?

    If by some miracle I could generate my typical RHS on a 390 SW racquet, I'd break my wrist. I used to think all the people here playing with 360+ SW racquets were full of crap, until I saw how they swung the ball. It's not by any means a modern FH. Which is fine. Whatever works for them, but I...
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    Tennis Club Recommendations in NOVA

    Thanks! I will take a look. Maybe I will see you out there!