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    Pro Hurricane

    I currently use Pro Hurricane 16 on my n 6.1 95... and i usually get it strung at 55.. and before i use to play a power game.. and i realized thats my game.. so i go for more control and spin on my game instead of flat out power. I was wondering should i string at a higher tension?
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    murray serves 145mph :(

    and the sad face is for?
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    wheres the n-code?

    did all the players using the n6.1 90/95 .. immediately switch to the k-factor rackets?
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    n6.1 90 , n6.1 95

    It was stated earlier that the 90 has less power than the 95. I want to keep everything I have off the 95. If I did switch to the 90, how I would keep things about the same. As far as power went.
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    n6.1 90 , n6.1 95

    16 x 18
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    n6.1 90 , n6.1 95

    i currently play w/ a n6.1 95, and i was wondering if the 90 plays better? From what I've read is that its less forgiving but if I could handle it.. would there be any benefits from the switch?
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    Adidas or Nike?

    nike clothes shoes = adidas and nike
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    any n sixone 90 or 95 users

    i use a n6.1 95.. semi western forehand.. 2hbh
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    Clement's sun glasses

    he wears oakleys not sure what kind though..
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    Question about string tension

    do strings move around when the string drops the original tension?
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    Fabrice the magician

    video stops 2 secs into it
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    nsixone 95 v. PS Classic 6.1

    bump for more info..