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    Hyper Pro Staff 6.0 95

    Great paint job I agree. I really like the simplistic idea behind it and the fiery theme (at least that's what I see in it). Nothing like using a racquet like that to hit scorching off forehand or inside in forehand winners. Anyway, they must not have done such a big run of this model since...
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    Hyper Pro Staff 6.0 95

    Hi does anyone have one of these in good condition? I live in Australia.
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    Pacific X 8 Stringing Machine

    That's a hot machine. I've seen photos of that stringer from their use in the Stuttgart tournament. I want one but it's hard to get one being in Australia and all. I'll just keep using my current Pacific Digital 700 till it dies one day. Then I'll think about the X8.
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    Stringing machines in Australia

    Ah my bad. Didn't know you were going for a low end machine. In that case check out these. Get rid of the spaces between characters of course. Where do you live? If you live in Sydney, try Jadee. http:// www. jadeesports. html http:// www. the tennis...
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    Stringing machines in Australia

    Hey mate I live in Sydney myself and have yet to buy a stringer from around here really. From what I've researched, the stringing machines here are a rip off. Especially the ones that have to be imported but I guess we can see why they're so expensive then. I was considering buying the Babolat...
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    Federer Fans- can you honestly bear to watch him play nowadays?

    I have always been a huge Fed fan and always will be. Put it this way; I'd love to be Fed right now. As a tennis player who wants to keep improving I've always tried to replicate certain aspects of Federer's game (in particular his footwork at his peak). Nowadays I still enjoy watching...
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    Strings got Wet.......

    What Rabbit said ^^ Poly won't mind getting wet. Natural gut is the one you gotta keep dry.
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    Inside Sport: Is Professionalism Killing Sport?

    Thank you for taking the time to inform us fellow posters of this program. Sounds like a nice psychological take on how sporting culture can affect performance. Can you try providing us the link or name of the program anyway? I'm sure some of us dedicated posters around here will try and scour...
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    Pacific Digital 700 - My 1st Stringing Machine

    A month ago I posted a thread here to ask what machine I should buy as I was torn between the 2nd hand Pacific or a brand new Xtreme Pro Master. Unfortunately, I decided to go against the advice to buy the brand new machine. Thing is I have been stringing at a tennis shop on the Pacific for...
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    New Machine Advice Please

    Hi there Dunlop Kid. I live in Lakemba (which is in the Canterbury/Bankstown area). However, I spend most of my time in the city because I study at Sydney Uni, and I coach there as well. The shop I restring at is Baker's Tennis Shop in the city. I did a bit of work there for its previous...
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    New Machine Advice Please

    You've picked up on something I missed about the Xtreme Pro Master with the fact that it is also self-calibrating. I think if both machines are self-calibrating this is pretty much a no brainer that I should spend $4000 on a brand new machine as opposed to a well used one. If the clamps are...
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    New Machine Advice Please

    By the way, the Pacific machine in question is seen in this video clip.
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    New Machine Advice Please

    Hi guys I need some advice as to what option to take. Do I go for the USED Pacific Sport String Digital Stringing Machine (THIS ONE) which is the grey, green and blue machine in the top left. The cosmetics of actual one of this that I am buying is totally black and looking more like the tall...
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    I tried a Federer forehand....

    Can I buy a Western Forehand grip at tennis warehouse?
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    Wise 2086 Review

    Ah I forgot about those rotational grippers. Ya's got me there.