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    Dunlop 300 Lineage?

    The Dunlop CX 200 LS has to be the closest incarnation of the older 300 models, with the CX 200 being closer to the Bio Max 200G model (the J-Mac one). I've never tried them, but as a former 300 user, I'd be interested in anyone's feedback.
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    Shoes are so good now.

    I think the overall pricing on a lot of sports equipment these days has got way out of control. If the general opinion is to try and encourage kids from all backgrounds to take up sport and to remove any elitism, the top sports brands are not doing a very good job to help that cause. The...
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    A lighter racket that will protect my elbow as well as my POG?

    I guess it depends largely how much lighter you feel you need to go. I have always stuck to Prince racquets for their comfort. I would always suggest that retaining a bit of mass in the racquet is going to help reduce unwanted vibrations that are normally associated with lighter racquets...
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    Favorite WOOD frame of all time

    Donny Allwood for me. I have several wooden racquets, from Maxply's, Adidas and some Wilson models, but the Allwood always felt the easiest to swing and the most manoeuvrable on all shots. Plus I was a huge Borg fan, so incredibly bias as well :)
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    Been playing with no over grip lately

    I've never found an OG I like better than the feel of standard grip. Although I would say that even on the same grip, the white versions offer better traction. Wrapping a new grip is just practice. Once you get the knack, you can wrap it just as well as any factory wrapped grip.
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    Best old school players racquets you've purchased from **** and why

    I've just bought a couple of racquets recently. Picked up a near mint MG Prestige Pro for £25.
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    Head Magnum Graphite 25

    The racquet arrived today and it's practically mint. I've got a near mint Microgel Prestige Pro on the way too for £25.
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    The genius of the Beatles

    I think that's another urban myth. Apparently it was based upon a drawing that Julian Lennon had done at school, but the truth will probably never come out. The lyrics are certainly very trippy though.
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    The genius of the Beatles

    I know, they were all so young. Steve Marriott, 18 when the Small Faces kicked off and only 20 by the time he wrote Itchycoo Park. I do appreciate that some modern musicians are as young, but I'm not wholly convinced that their music will transcend the next 50 years in the same way as some of...
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    Head Magnum Graphite 25

    I will do when I get it. The string pattern is 18/19. It does look very similar to the Edge mold and I just couldn't resist getting it. I remember playing against a guy who used one, must have been about 1985/86, and I thought it looked great. I was still using a Borg Allwood back then, so...
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    The genius of the Beatles

    Just jumping on this thread as an overall big fan of 60's music. One thing that always astounds me with a lot of the bands, were the members' ages. Paul was only 25 when he came up with and wrote most of Sgt Pepper. That's insane. 24 years old when he wrote Paperback Writer. It's hard to...
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    Head Magnum Graphite 25

    Well I have pulled the trigger on this one. It's almost mint condition and for £15 I couldn't resist finally getting the racquet I wanted as a 14 year old. It seems to be the Magnum Mid 25 Pro, AMF made in Austria. Comes with a nice original racquet cover too. Should be fun to have a go with.
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    Which "Classic" to add as a "for fun" frame?

    Haha, I know. But it's my very low boredom threshold. I can't be doing with this bunting it back and forth lark, waiting for an error. What do you know about the old Head Magnum Mid 25? Forgive me for a change of subject.
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    Head Magnum Graphite 25

    Hi, I have seen a couple of threads that talk about the Head Magnum, but they seem to focus on the 35. I'm not too sure what the difference is, but if anyone has any info on the Head Magnum Graphite Midsize 25, i.e. specs, history, etc. that would be great. I remember seeing these back in the...
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    I confess I have been visiting GPPD lately

    GPPD is a dangerous place. One false move, one attempt to not take a thread seriously and you destroyed. Stay away, nothing good will ever come of it.