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    2021 Laver Cup Big Flop

    My hope is this will help make the upcoming players more popular in the US--since no one in the US that isn't a tennis nut will know who any of the guys are. Seriously, how does Kyrgios make it? What is he ranked now? Obviously he gets seats full. Sock as a back up too. We don't have...
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    Radacanu fires her coach

    From what has been said and publicized, it seems like it was a temporary relationship from the start. It could be the coach doesn't really want to invest in a long term travelling coaching position and so he did his contract and time to move on. I think it makes sense to get a coach with more...
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    Poor Marketing no wonder tennis is dying in the US.

    Headed there this Wednesday. We bought ticket in case they upgrade security. Looking forward to it.
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    Nike Vapor Lite All Court

    I think ideally you need a shoe that is a good fit and performs as needed on the court. I think you are right most of the time the top line shoes will have a better chance of doing that. But in the case of the Nike Prestige, it was a much better fit than several generations of the Vapors...
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    Blade V7 Tennis Elbow??

    Adding another update. Had been using my CV Blade V6 for the spring and most of the summer. TE became less and less noticed. Had used full multi TNT2 for I think 2 stringings, then Hyper G soft with TNT2 for 2 stringings or so, then mixed in a full bed of Hyper G Soft on some days and then 4G...
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    There's you blueprint servebots

    So if he went for all first serves you assume the 2nd serve winning percentage would be like the 1st serve--75% Out of 100 serves, 60 go in as first serves--winning 75% of them. Hence 60x.75=45 points won off first first serve. 40 remaining as 2nd first serves, 40x.60% of going in=24, 24 2nd...
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    which pain killers are given to players during injury time-outs?

    My guess it is either a high dose NSAID or a low dose opiate. I believe they can be given with the authorization of the tournament doctor, which in effect would give them a medical excuse to use a banned substance since it is approved for a legitimate medical reason--pain due to an injury...
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    Prediction: These 18 year olds who beat number 3 seeds will be complete flops for the rest of their career

    I think it will all depend on how he handles pressure. Can he remain fearless like he did yesterday? Or as his ranking starts to climb and he accumulates more wins, will he start to get fearful and tentative? I think that is the biggest hurdle between top 100 to top 50 to top 20 to top 10 and...
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    Tsitsipas - where does he go from here?

    Just seems he needs belief and mental fortitude. At RG, he played a great two sets and then seemed to disappear, yeah Djoker had upped his game. But Tsetse really dropped his too. I feel it is a common factor for most of the guys in his generation. Hoping one of these guys will grab a slam...
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    Poor Marketing no wonder tennis is dying in the US.

    I would think the WTA would be big enough to have someone in charge of marketing or web development. But it is an assumption. Scary if they don't. I'm not asking for much at least list the venue on the WTA site. I get that being an issue for 125's and below, but Chicago is having a 500...
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    Poor Marketing no wonder tennis is dying in the US.

    I can see how locally it may rely on volunteers, but shouldn't the WTA at the very least have some basic info on the website. Seems pretty elementary to have a link to the event and ticket purchases.
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    Poor Marketing no wonder tennis is dying in the US.

    Yes we still hold the most titles, but if not for Serena when have we gotten one? I think the data is skewed from the past.
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    Poor Marketing no wonder tennis is dying in the US.

    Unfortunately, Pickelball is.
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    Poor Marketing no wonder tennis is dying in the US.

    Maybe they aren't targeting the typical tennis crowd anymore and trying to grow with youth instead of the 60 plus crowd. Maybe that's why they aren't using web sites. Maybe social media is the way they get the younger generation involved....but maybe the older generation still has the money...
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    Poor Marketing no wonder tennis is dying in the US.

    To add to my whining, driving into a soccer tournament in Schaumburg on the highway was a video billboard. What was it advertising? Daymond John from Sharktank--he'll be at Elmhurst college giving a speech. Good his name and Elmhurst college and I have no issue finding a link to give them...