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    Nadal service time...

    I think they should reduce the clock to 10-15 seconds. But start it as soon as either the server or returner takes their mark. That way if it was a super long point and one player is fit, he steps up to the line right away and the fatigued guy has 10 seconds to start play. Or if both guys are...
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    Tsitsipas - Time to sound the alarm?

    In fairness, Sinner might be a contender in the the world without the Big 3.
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    The Yearly CLAY Hawkeye Debate

    The problem I have marks is the problem I have with the current Hawkeye system. You have to stop play to check a mark--I can't say after a 10 ball rally that ball 3 was out. I'm pro hawkeye for all calls on all surfaces. With clay, it could make sense to use Hawkeye for all line calls then...
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    Ok, Djokovic was always going to win this if not DQ

    Based on how they handled the pressure tonight, I think facing Djoker in the final would have created similar pressure and they most likely would have fallen. Now if Nadal and Fed were in the draw, shifting some spots in the draw, I think Thiem or Zverev would have had a better chance taking...
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    Thiem and Zverev will be laughing stocks

    Well in a few years this could be the future. The Big 3 will leave eventually and I can still see these guys being in line for some majors. If this is Zverev's only major final appearance or Thiem's only major win, then the negatives of this match might follow them. But if they add to their...
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    Whats the average body fat percentage of a top 50 ATP player?

    Based on images I've seen of Fucsovics I thought he'd be sub 10%. Was there an article stating the 12%?
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    net cord

    I heard Federer has been adding this shot to his game. Practicing for hours just aiming for the top of the net. When he comes back he'll be belting the net scoring record number of winners via the "let" cord and then accumulate several slams before the "let" cord rule is changed to an error.
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    MTO's have to go!

    Agree there is some merit to a legitmate MTO. Making sure a tweak isn't something serious can be important and sometimes treatment allows a match to continue. Beard--if you feel a game penalty is too harsh, what could be done to eliminate the gaming MTOs? What about the other ideas, instead...
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    MTO's have to go!

    A game penalty seems worth it if you are truly injured because you are hoping treatment will prevent you from defaulting. If you aren't injured then is it worth the risk? Other sports don't deal with this as much because many of them are team sports and the match can go on while a player gets...
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    MTO's have to go!

    Well, in reality I don't think any of them will happen. But we can always dream...
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    MTO's have to go!

    What a great match tonight between Serena and Vika. Serena played some of her best tennis in years especially in the first set. Impressive that Vika turned it around. The only disappointment was the MTO. No clear ankle roll. Thank goodness Vika kept her cool and rode it out well. They...
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    Tell me we are not watching crap tennis

    Good tennis tonight from both of the Women's semis. Only blip was Serena's MTO. Some of Serena's best hitting in months. Kudos to Vika for being able to go toe to toe and then take over the match.
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    Chicago tennis courts

    II'll agree with Elga. Living in the burbs, even when courts are busy I can usually find one in 20 minutes or so, as long as you are willing to drive. Some High Schools keep their courts open to the public too as long as teams aren't using them.
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    Tell me we are not watching crap tennis

    Love the aggression and shot making from Shapovalov. Wish he could keep it going for 5 sets. CB was just kept going at him and was patient to eek out the win. Serve was great. Groundies are heavy and at times he was able to maintain that level. Hopefully he can lower the error rate without...