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    Is John Isner the most boring player in tennis?

    These guys are all excellent tennis players, otherwise they wouldn't be in the top 10-20-30, but they just don't project, like sometimes they are bored and cant wait to get off the court. I wont watch Isner, Raonic, Nishikori, boring beyond belief , no facial expressions, heads hanging, etc...
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    I strongly advise you to watch Andrei Rublev ..

    Shaloin, you got that right, what a dour, sourpuss, and attitude, him and Baby Brat Murray must have went to the same tennis camp.
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    Sara Errani worst serve ever?

    Mousy, irritating, unable to watch. wasn't she on the Ed Sullivan show in the 60's?? Oh wait a min, that was Topo Gigio
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    Geneva Open Commentator

    Think it's Marion Bartoli, she's a sweetheart when talking at press conferences, but as commentator she is beyond brutal.
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    Madrid, No women's semifinals

    I am in Ct, so far they have showed it 3 times since yesterday , and i wasn't even looking for it cause I lost my earplugs. (some ref should grow a pair, and tell Shriekapova to give it a rest already )
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Whoaaaaaaaa, is that Aggie for real?? I changed my mind, unless photoshopped.
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    Commentating at Indian Wells

    Dondropshot Right on, cant stand any of 'em, I watch most of the matches ESPN3 live streaming, luckily most not T.C. commentators. Courier is insufferable , Annacone is one of the most boring tennis players, coachs, commentators, I'm surprised someone doesn't check his pulse once in awhile...
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    Where is Wawrinka?

    At the dermatologist's office.
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    Not Ready for Prime Time

    Easy to tell, Ana is the real pretty one.
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    No Towels

    Murray, Anderson, Paire, put the towel(blankie) to their face for 4 seconds after every point, even, if the guy across the net double faults, the refs should grow a pair. (or pairs)
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    Compared to Raonic, David Ferrer is the most exciting player in the world!!!

    Hope Raonic doesnt decide to play doubles with Isner, they would clear the stadium, both brutally boring.
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    TV channels broadcasting ATP matches

    note Bobby Norwich: I live in Ct.USA have had the tennis channel for years, hardly a week goes by that they dont have live tennis tournaments, sometimes a couple of them, and I wouldn't call 'em minor. They have hours of live coverage A.O., U.S. Open, French Open (which they own). For 9 bucks...
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    Fabio Fognini - where's the love?

    You see him pi$$$$ing and moaning yesterday, lost first set, down a couple games in the second set, moping, no time delays called by cowardly ref, yelling, etc, he's been this way every match I have watched him in, I aint got no love for him, hope he loses first round this week. The kid...
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    vera zronareve

    She's a head case, cries after losing points. Hope she finds a different career, sad to see her so "spastic" in each match she plays.
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    You own the Tennis Channel...

    Fire Chubby Brett (I will give you the stats of these players since he/she was 3 years old during every match I call) Haber