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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    I strung up my Blade Pro 18x20 last night, ALU at 46lbs, and took it out for a hit this morning. For starters, the Wilson roulette wheel landed on a nice set of specs for me, so that was a good start. This is a pretty sweet playing no frills stick. Really clean, solid, low tech feel. No...
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    I received a pair of 18x20 Blade Pro's today. I got pretty lucky from a matching standpoint. Racquet 1- 309g, 32cm, 313sw Racquet 2- 307.3g, 31.8cm, 307sw I added 1.7g under the bumper of racquet 2 giving me a matched pair within 1mm and 1sw Going to string it up tonight and hit with it...
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    2015 Wilson Blade 98 18x20 4-3/8 grip size

    Looking for one or more 2015 Wilson Blade 18x20, 4-3/8 grip size. This is the Black and Green version that came out before the countervail model. Not interested in anything with significant wear. Thanks
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    Roddick with Pure Aero ??

    Roddick was playing with the PA in the Champions Series events late last year and early this year. There's probably footage on youtube. In somewhat related news, Mardy Fish has played multiple Babolat racquets in the Champions events. He started with a blacked out APD, moved to a Pure Strike...
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    Reilly Opelka racket

    Six One 95 16x18. I believe it's the red and white BLX Amplifeel version. He is friends with a former pro at my club and one of his racquets was in the shop for a period. It had the first generation Pro Staff 97 paint. I was able to lift the bumper up enough to see a couple small strips of...
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    Potential Swing weight calculator

    It's a good tool for matching frames. I have found that it calculates 10 units lower compared to an RDC or manual swing measurement.
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    Synthetic Grip that compresses the least

    Gamma Hi-Tech
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    Indoor Courts - How much does it cost to build?

    It's hard to imagine any scenario where purchasing land for the sole purpose of installing a few courts and a tennis bubble would ever make sense. The 3 court $100k/year number is bubble only. No land purchase or lease, property taxes, site development or court construction. I don't see any...
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    Indoor Courts - How much does it cost to build?

    9am-4pm weekdays are peak times for stay at home parents, retirees, clinics, lessons, a lot of the ladies leagues and juniors when school is out. Not worth it putting up a bubble if you can't fill it during the day.
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    Indoor Courts - How much does it cost to build?

    With staffing and other incidentals, you need to book 80% of the total available court hours at $20/hr to break even. That assumes courts are open 16hrs per day to cover the before and after work crowd. 80% bookings is unrealistic over the course of the year when outdoors play is an option for...
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    Indoor Courts - How much does it cost to build?

    Annual cost on a 3 court bubble will run you around $100k. That includes the mortgage on a $300k bubble. Utilities of approximately $4k per month plus insurance and maintenance. If you don't keep it up all year, prorate the utility cost but add the cost of set up and breakdown which will be...
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    Kudla racquet and strings

    VCore SV 98 with the current VCore 98 PJ. He played Razor Code at 51lbs for several years and through 2019 but it appears he's trying new strings or has switched for 2020. His strings were yellow in the Aussie qualifiers so it may be Poly Tour Pro now but that's just a guess.
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    Overgrip for the Pro

    Tecnifibre is printed on the overgrip.
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    What strings do you play with?

    2018 model. Lead under the bumper guard and a little silicone in the handle.
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    5.0 UTR10 pusher crushes good strokes

    I'm with you on this. The 15 year old should be addressed but not put on blast on Youtube. Send the video to the tournament director, coach, parents and the USTA. Who knows, maybe the 15 year old's parents put too much pressure on him and he lacks the maturity to deal with the fallout from a...