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    Better player between Soderling, Berdych and Tsonga?

    Tsonga for me but the soderling arguments in the thread are quite persuasive.
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    To clay or not to clay - That is the question

    So fedr is hamlet? Whose his father, Sureshs?
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    When was/is Federer's Prime?

    Some people have suggested 2003-2010 or 2012. I'd say the former. Peak for me would be 04-07.
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    Calendar slam versus 4 in a row.

    4 in a row is 'easier' because you can win any of the 4 first and go from there. With the calender slam you can only win the AO first. In saying that, both are insane achievements.
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    What’s your preferred take on a tennis match?

    Both are valuable. Neither tell the whole picture. If I had to choose just one obviously the eye test.
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    Federer the GOAT at scheduling?

    It was kind of cool seeing him transition with the new racket.
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    Federer the GOAT at scheduling?

    Ah I see. You mean him changing before 2014 could have helped. You may be right but 2013 may have been the very impetus he needed to make the change. He was still getting good results before that year and it's hard to change much when you're doing well (even not as well as before).
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    Federer the GOAT at scheduling?

    Is that really an error? He needed to play matches to adjust too. Practise only goes so far.
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    Raonic is better than Fed or Nadal

    Has anyone been so accurately inaccurate with their predictions? I want sureshs' views on the stock market.
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    Who would win?

    Two sides of the same coin.
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    Del Potro best chances, Clay or Grass?

    The faster court suits him better now with his playing style and stamina.