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    2021 40+ 4.5M USTA League Nationals Predictions

    it also give 40+ 5.0s a place to play (especially singles players who would otherwise be stuck playing 25 year old 5.0s).
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    just saw your message from last week regarding sectionals. great run at nationals. from the...

    just saw your message from last week regarding sectionals. great run at nationals. from the scores it looks pretty obvious that enrique marcos from TX should have never been a 4.5.
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    2021 40+ 4.5M USTA League Nationals Predictions

    anyone know the history of enrique marcos of texas? he's S rated, hasn't lost a match all year, and rolled everyone at sectionals and nationals. pretty clear he never should have been a 4.5 to begin with.
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    40+ Southern Sectionals

    we lost in the finals of 4.5 40+ during the second weekend of auburn. i can't really complain b/c we went down there with only the minimum 7 guys so each of us had to play 5 matches. i had to play 5 singles matches and all of them were long and close. surprised my body held up. i will say...
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    ACC tennis

    apparently nava was also cramping at the end of the second set. wake's coach spent several minutes yelling at assistant coach tripp phillips, as well as blumberg (who was on court as a coach since he wasn't playing) and telling them they shouldn't have taken the default even though it's the...
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    If you could make one change to USTA adult leagues.

    1) self rated players cannot play in the postseason. this would eliminate ringers from "hiding" during the regular season and then dominating during the postseason. 2) allow 5.0s to play in the 40+ league and go back to 2 singles, 3 doubles. USTA has completely screwed over 40+ 5.0 singles...
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    How Hard Will the ATP Throw the book at Nole

    suspended from roland garros?
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    Speculation as to Why Agassi Lost to Gomez

    agassi's gameplan was the tire gomez out, given the fact that gomez was a decade older and never known for being in the best shape. well, the first two sets went so quickly that the gameplan went out the window. gomez's forehand won him that match.
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    ITA Indoors

    petros beats gojo 7 out of 10 times if they played.
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    ITA Indoors

    i'm not basing it on the ITA ratings. i'm basing it on the fact that cukierman is simply a better player. wake did the same thing the last couple years, as petros was a better player than gojo (though the difference is not as large as holt/cukierman).
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    ITA Indoors

    UNC coaches apparently were pissed at the holt stack
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    ITA Indoors

    my argument is that he's not their best player even when he's 100% healthy, but he's still playing #1.
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    ITA Indoors

    cukierman should be playing 1 even if holt is healthy, as he's a better player.
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    ITA Indoors

    if cernoch didn't serve that out then unc likely loses the match.
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    ITA Indoors

    big swing on #1 and #2 for osu.