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    String Tension on Blade 18x20 (2019)

    Try Poly at 45 and work your way up or down from there
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    Luxilon ALU Power appreciation thread

    Can someone please compare Alu Power and Alu Rough? I'm really happy with Alu but am tempted to try Rough What is to be gained (or not)?
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    Strings for 16x19 vs 18x20

    I like 18g strings in 18x20's. Pro Line II for example, plays really well in 18g in 18x20's If you're looking for more help with spin/a higher launch angle, Tour Bite 18g or even 19g is worth a try
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    When was the last time you changed racquets and why?

    I was quite happy with my Speed Touch MP's for around 6/7 months and then a few things started bothering me with them. The string pattern is quite open not the most controlled response and made the frame string sensitive. I'm not a huge string breaker but with the Speeds I was breaking strings...
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    What racket after the Yonex Ezone DR98?

    Delete post
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    Looking for some doubles tips!

    Agreed. I find hitting to the weaker player constantly gives them so many balls they get into a groove!
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    Looking for some doubles tips!

    Always be cool... sound advice, thanks
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    Looking for some doubles tips!

    Sounds like a solid plan
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    Does your game suffer under the floodlights?

    We have good LED lights at our club. The only shot that's troublesome is the overhead as the sudden flash of light when looking up can be blinding almost
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    Looking for some doubles tips!

    They are both, they get on great off-court but when the Dad misses a few the kid can really get on his back. From your comments I'm thinking stay out of rallies with the kid and move him around as much as possible.
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    dunlop biomimetic 300 tour club

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    Looking for some doubles tips!

    Some good points there, thanks buddy
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    Looking for some doubles tips!

    Actually, I should have added they are great guys, good friends so we won't be too upset if we lose! We just wanna give it our best
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    Cleanest-Hitting Rackets You've Ever Used??

    Dunlop Biomimetic 200