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    Wilson nSix-One Tour 90 review now posted

    Hello! Why the racket with such design is so expensive??? https://www.****.com/itm/265422768309 With silver W before grip and others.. I have such, more light than kfacktor...
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    Players used Pro Kennex racquets.

    I am waiting for that now... My favorite is fiber ace, don't like silver ace at all, never play black ace. Is that black ace with Kary signatura???
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    Players used Pro Kennex racquets.

    And there is his Kary ace... may be black ace in his design?
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    Wilson Ultra 95 Tapered Beams

    330 without string. Very headlight. 6 gr on 12 do it better.
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    Wilson Ultra 95 Tapered Beams

    I have thunderbird. Similiar to classic 6.1 16 -18, more soft, more sweetspot, less vibration, balance as 7.5, less spin.
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    Another old beauty: Völkl Match FCS

    I have such. Head is bigger than Pro 30-T, may be it is about T9-35. 30-T is about 93 inches
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    Volkl Pro 30-T

    I have such. From Siberian))) IMO paintkob tr25 for russian pro. 363 gr, 322 mm balance strung
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    Do You Have a Singles Racket & a Dubs Racket?

    For doubles racket must: - good to spin serv - to be stable in offcenter volleys - good to push ball to the opponent feet))) - good to return serv to the feet For singles - to keep ball deep in non-comfornadle situation. For me there is only one - Wilson classic 6/1 18-20 without up protector)))
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    two opinions - flex 63 or 66. 95 - 67. 107 is softer as I remember my test in 1995. Olhovski used it in 107, Andrey Mesvedev and ? De Wulf? in 95...
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    Some of Dino's "comeback" racquets ---> old vs new

    volkl Tour 10 1 gen is IMO a grean stick, wilson blade is a stupid bone))) Similiar RA)))
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    medvdev stick

    After 3 weeks... Beam is 22.3-22.1 (6.1 - 21.7-21.5) VERY powerful in flat groundstrokes for that beam... IMO champion))) Enough control for this power. VERY stable and power frame in volley for stiffness 63. Medium comfort, Better than moderrn Wilsons PS 97, but... Medium topspin, Poor...
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    medvdev stick

    Had a play in comparison with 6.1 18-20 (Wilson without bumper guard) - 6.1 is better in any case including serve. Only flat basestroke from upper point is better than 6.1 More control/ enough speed. IMO stupid stick for stupid play, special for ...))) Better than many-many modern stocks, but...
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    medvdev stick

    Now I am an owner.))) racquets are similiar to 6.1 Classic 18-20, 97 head, softer, less comfort, more deepness in my strokes. And good serv-volley, almost 6.1)))
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    Rank your favourite Volkl 10 mp series.

    1) Tour 10 Gen 1 MP 2) Tour 10 Gen 2 MP Others play in my hands as a piece of bone/))) T9 , C9 comp too as a piece)))
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    Wilson H22 vs Angell TC97 18x20

    6.1 is 16x18. My favorite from 1995.))) Since spring 2019 play Volkl Tour 10... 57 years old to play serve-volley is too difficult.))) I need more tactical stick. TC 95 - for baseline offens. So think aboun TC97.)))