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    Most twitter followers gained during USO

    Berre is taller though. They both are good looking.
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    Most twitter followers gained during USO

    Leylah is very beautiful and charismatic. It's surprising how much difference between her and raducanu. She's nice but she's nowhere near as pretty as Leylah.
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    Alcaraz: "My game is similar to Federer"

    I am anonadated with those comments from Alcatraz. Great that he follows the greatest.
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    Who takes the ball earllier Fed or Agassi?

    Agassi, because his takeback was very short so the racquet head gets faster in contact with the ball.
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    Why are we pretending that Novak never won 4 in a row?

    It should be 4 GS in a row tbh, doesn't matter which one's the first.
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    Fellow Giorgi chads, rise up!

    She has extreme undereye wrinkles here. Like she hasnt slept in a week. Is this how she normally looks ? Not denying she's attractive though. She is.
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    Fellow Giorgi chads, rise up!

    This is extremely rare nowadays. It's very saddening.
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    "[Tsitsipas] has the best forehand in the world right now" - Opelka

    He's the most good looking I'll give him that. Hi FH is among the 10 best but definitely not second.
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    What does it feel like to have a 3-50 record against the Big 3?

    His forehand technique was more classic and a bit more powerful than his backhand. I wonder how it ended up becoming that monstruosity. It turned out to be his biggest weakness. Wonder how far he could've go with a decent forehand.
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    Nadal injured?

    How short is Sock? I mean Nadal is tall but not super tall.
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    Should Djokovic skip the clay season?

    This didn't aged well.