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    Unsure what racquet to try

    hahaha i did use the tfight320 a while back in 07 but havent changed my avatar since then
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    Unsure what racquet to try

    Hey guys, so I'm looking for a new racquet. I had been a long time user of the Radical MP series when the string pattern was 18x20. Over the last year or so I have been using the AeroPro Drive GT and whilst I enjoy the easy access to power and spin, I sometimes find it slightly hard to control...
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    Any advice on what to demo?

    Which pure strike version are you referring to there? thanks
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    Any advice on what to demo?

    I'm looking for a new racquet- I've been switching between a MG Prestige MP and a Wilson BLX 6.1 team for a while now. I like how the prestige feels on groundstrokes and volleys; it has good weight behind it and i can generate good power. But at times I feel that the prestige is a tad too heavy...
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    Rare Apparel and Shoes

    adidas barricade 4's, especially love the red/black/white version
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    Aussie open 7pm

    as it is the AUSTRALIAN open, it's at 7pm to be more convenient for local viewers as it slots into the primetime tv period and most people would be home by then to watch it
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    Dimitrov, Harrison, Raonic, and Tomic

    interested to see what people think of tomic after his win in sydney today. certainly a promising start to the year and just a shame that he'll probably lose points at the aus open as he's playing federer in the 3rd round
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    How about this Thanasi Kokkinakis?

    isner actually withdrew that morning, so they had no choice. and thanasi actually did a pretty good job anyway, got the crowd involved
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    2013 courtballistec 4.3 colors

    pics for me as well? :D
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    The little beauty Aussie Lleyton thread

    everyone is a little racist at times, get over it. don't try to act like a saint, what on earth does 1 possibly racist remark have to do with his efforts in this match
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    Thoughts on Tomic

    Raonic is not consistent enough with his groundstrokes, as exemplified in his loss to hewitt
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    Johnny Mac says Tomic is top young gun

    Tomic and Raonic are both very different players. As I'm Australian, I am bias to Tomic however if you compare the two's results, you can see that although Raonic has won 2 titles, he has always had to do so in 2 or 3 tie break sets every match. His return game is not that good compared to...
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    Post Pictures of Your Tennis Shoes!

    how much? :D
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    X2 pr oblem

    hey guys, I got a gamma x2 and recently the base of my tensioner has been getting in the way of my turntable and hitting it when i'm trying to spin it. the screws of the base are loose and the the tensioner is sliding. is there anything else i should do besides tighten the screws? and how far...
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    Klippermate and Jaycee Method - does it work?

    does that app racquettune actually work properly? i just strung a racquet at 58lbs (intended to anyway) and the tuner app said it was 48.....ive been stringing my racquets like this for past 3 years sigh