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    Just for fun-Real Age

    Bio age - 26 (in few days :) ) Real age - 10.5 Expectancy - 89.4
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    Poly in flexible racquets

    Best combo - flexible frame, soft poly string, lowish (<= 50lbs) tension
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    Tennis Camps in Canary Islands?

    Hello, has anyone here visited tennis camps in Canaries? It's pretty much the only sensible place to visit from Europe during winter. In terms of weather...
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    Tennis in Malaga, Spain

    Hello, I was in Madrid last month, watching the WTA year end champs. Offcourse we had our gear with us and also played ourself. Court time was generally 5-7EUR/h. Most of the time we played in the tennis club near Casa di Campo park/lake, because it was close to the WTA venue. Btw, that club...
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    Gonzalez's Racquet Tension?

    last year at hamburg masters - 49lbs
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    best BH (2 or 1H) vs. top forehands

    At times, Gaudio seemed much more confident on backhand side than on forehand side.
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    What is carpet?

    felt type carpets (boltex) and artificial grass are quite different. The amount of sand affects very much the playing characteristics of grass, thats probably the reason for differing opinions about it. Felt carpet is actually very fine to play on - typically bit faster than hardcourt, but...
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    Full poly in 18 by 20

    WDYM? I have played full poly for years on 18x19, since october full SPPP in 18x20 LM Prestige and never ever have felt problems with feel or power changing during one match or session...
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    LM Prestige MP strings

    SPPP 55/53 lbs
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    Racquet for heavy topsin?

    Head Classic/Prestige Midplus in 102 sqin
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    I have a debate on my hands. The LM prestige or PC 600

    regarding LM Prestige having a "modern feel" - IMHO it's the racquet which has retained more "classic feel" than everything else on market currently. I personally played for 6 years with Head Satellite Tours, which should have a very classic feel - 12 oz, 56RDC. Sadly I ran out of my supply and...
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    Best 1 Handed Backhand (Present Day)

    Filippo Volandri has a really good backhand. A but unorthodox, but can nail winners from everywhere using it. Have seen it in person and it really is a effective shot.
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    Fernando's Gonzalez's strings and tension?

    In this years Hamburg TMS on clay he was down to 48lbs.
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    Groundstrokes video

    Seems very fluid and relaxed to me. Only points - on forehand keep the nondominant arm longer on racquet, also in between of shots; on backhand - I'd like to see a more "fixed" finish, you seem to drag your racquet head too early to other side, try to extend it more to front and up.
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    What about FXP Prestige Team MP??

    Also would very much like to know how it plays. You don't see a flex of 56RDC very often those days. I currently have played several years with Head Satellite Tour but I'm on my last pair of them and Prestige Team seems like a perfect replacement. Only a bit of tailweighting needed.