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    The Kyrgios myth is over, no longer the "talent" people thought he was.... his best couldn't even push a 35-year-old baseliner to 5 sets on grass!

    ah yes, my recent fav poster who uses emojis like a 12 yeard old. Nick is better at tennis than you are at teh internets, OP.
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    Are we at rock bottom?

    somebody give me what that man puts in his pipe!
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    Could this be Kyrgios first slam???

    there's the context of surface and injury though; Novak does not look as invincible as he once was on grass whilst Kyrgios seems to reach peek grass form this year; and Nadal might need a wheelchair to play more than a couple sets on friday...
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    Which opponent is more dangerous for Novak - NK or Rafa?

    Kyrgios is set to do what Tomic was supposed to.
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    If another ATG played in 2016-2022 how many slams do Djokodalerer win combined?

    Djokodalerer :rolleyes: smh it's Fedalovic. time to put the crack pipe down.
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    Tsitsipas on Kyrgios: "He was probably a bully in school"

    Malaka could have packed his bag long ago when he choked in the RG final.
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    Sonego is unhappy with the Nadal gamesmanship!

    We need Kyrgios Nadal Semis Something's telling me Nick will pull a Söderling on NaduIl
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    “I personally miss him, I miss him everywhere….. RF is important in every single tournament” - Rafael Nadal

    lol @clayqueen didn't you post a thread about how nobody misses federer a couple days ago and now your idol himself makes this statement? :-D
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    I have a beef with my bevels

    as i said, tacky doesn't work for me. thanks guys, will try!
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    Van Rijthoven to save Tennis

    the saviour of tennis is busy chugging down moet these days...