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    Nike 2022 General Thread

    Noooooooooooo Just bought my second pair of GP Turbo. I guess that was a smart call in retrospect.
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    Pick a coach (or former pro) that could help a current player

    Lendl could help anyone. And I think Roddick could be a decent coach?
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    The Big 3s, shot by shot

    You just mentioned multiple players who don't even have one Slam.
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    What's your level, and what technical or mechanical problem have you solved lately?

    Big improvement on my serve with leaving the tossing arm in place a little longer, much like what Cindy is talking about. About a 4.0 NTRP
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    I'm About To Give Up On This Forehand

    Video pls And yes, 2HFH is a terrible idea.
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    Nadal fans AO delusion

    Sure we can. Rafa is regarded as the better player than Federer, so he should be able to do everything Federer did, but more often and better.
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    Best suited racket for Advanced (4.5-5.0) aggressive baseline player

    I didn't customize it at all. And it's great for a 1hbh, very stable.
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    So if Federer was a weak era champion

    That's why I said he would have had a shot, and not "he would have won"
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    Formula 1

    The wing has been a sore spot for Christian Horner, that's for sure.
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    Del Potro looms

    He does look different, I think it's less age than it is weight gain that is very visible in his face.
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    Do you think Wimbledon 2022 will be the worst slam again?

    Love people still pushing Thiem. lol wake up
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    How tacky is it to use Adidas and Nike products on the SAME day

    I'm generally in all Nike but I have a few of those "Grand Slam" tops that are really nice and not branded at all. I do agree that having all the opposing logos looks weird. And I generally won't buy Adidas stuff.
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    The eye test: who impressed you the most among those you watched?

    Fed is the most 'different' guy I've ever watched live. The dude was a cheat code unto himself. He knew where every ball was going and put them away effortlessly. No one else has ever looked like that, not even Djok-or-'dal.
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    Need advice for playing against heavy topspin

    One thing OP didn't mention is which side this heavy kick serve goes to. Most players have one preferred side for their big weapon. So cheat to the other side and try to make him hit there.