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    So the GOAT debate may be settled by a few points?

    Very well written. While it shows that Fed pulled off some tough matches against Haas ans Roddick , he messed up two easy ones against Djokovic. Djokovic is the one who won maximum of these tight matches while losing only a few. The wawrinka matches should be added. Those matches are worth 1...
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    How come Wawrinka is friends with both Federer and Djokovic

    Usually players from same country flock together. All spanish players look upto Rafa and similarly for Serbian players foe Novak. But here a Swiss player and Serbian player are very close
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    How come Wawrinka is friends with both Federer and Djokovic

    Djokovic and Federer have a cold relationship that everyone knows. That developed through the years. And i dont think they respect and like each other. But when it comes to Djokovic Wawrinka , its a different story. They hace some tough matches over the years, but there is mutual respect and...
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    Every open era great has won the YEC

    Ok. Since its about Nadal, lets see 2005 - injured, didnt play 2006-07 - indoor hard court . Federer at top form stopped him at semis. Else he wins 2008 - injured, didn't play 2009 - had physical issues. Lost all 3 matches 2010 - Beat djoker and murray. But Fed was too strong in finals 2011-12...
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    Only member of the big 4 to win a slam, OGM, and WTF

    Should mention Two singles Olympic gold medals. That nobody can beat
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    Djokovic: Slams should be Best of 3 sets

    Djokovic, give back Wimbledon 2015 and AO 2020 titles. You had lost the QF and final respectively if it was best of 3. Also in AO 2012 semis
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    Will Nole breaks Roger's 302 weeks at #1 ?

    What a thread. Shows that in tennis world so many things change. Fed improved on his count from 302 to 316. But Nadal and especially Djoker held it much longer. Unless Djoker loses in AO, the record is pretty much in the bag
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    Will Djokovic ever win a tournament 10 times?

    Djokovic will win 10 australia opens it looks like. Finals record is staggering 8-0 Roger lost 4 finals in Wimbledon else would have been at 10 there. Frankly Halle and Basel being at 500 level doesn't carry that weight
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    Djokovic or Nadal, who is the better US Open player?

    A no brainer thread. Winning 3 titles while losing 5 finals mean Djokovic underperformed at US Open. And it's a non clay slam. Djokovic overall is more consistent, 8 finals. But Nadal has achieved more. Also beat Djokovic in 2 finals while losing one. Peak Djokovic 2011 Peak Nadal 2013 ( In...
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    Tennis players congratulate Rafa on 1000 wins :D

    Well I remember tennis players congratulating Roger on 100th title. Arranged by ATP. The players were playing in Dubai and Acapulco and ATP recorded their video in case Roger wins 100th. And he did
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    Would Nadal and his fans trade.....

    Wtf is overrated. Hyped by ATP. Players take Indian Wells and Miami more seriously than WTF. By season end, usually the player who remains the most fit gets it. Just see 17 - Dimitrov 18 - Zverev 19 - Tispitas There's no competition. Slams are way ahead. It's just another ATP 1000 in terms of...
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    will djokovic be penalized for tanking??

    It's obvious Nole tanked. His goal was to secure no. 1 and once he did that, he had no interest in wining. Lorenzo played well, but Djokovic let it go
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    Novak Djokovic Trolled By Chris Evert For Calling Rivalry With Nadal 'greatest In Tennis'

    No it's not like these days. Those who have seen in 80s know how the woman's tour was. Beyond 4-5 players, others couldn't even hit decent shots and run. Today's ATP is more competitive. Quality of top 50 is definitely stong like PCB, Agut, Rublev for eg. They give a fight to the top players
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    Novak Djokovic Trolled By Chris Evert For Calling Rivalry With Nadal 'greatest In Tennis'

    In 70s and 80s , women's tennis was in pathetic state. Chris and Martina would meet in the finals all the time. If tennis was so competitive as it is today, they won't meet half the times they have done. Nadal Djokovic is certainly more special and a bigger rivalry.