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    2022 ATP Finals SF: [7] Novak Djokovic vs Taylor Fritz [8]

    When fritz goes for shots he misses, when he plays defensive , novak plays him around. And he has the unique ability to choke at right moment like the service game at 5-4
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    2022 ATP Finals SF: [7] Novak Djokovic vs Taylor Fritz [8]

    Oh god. Fritz struggles against Djokovic, even a injured Djokovic
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    Question for the Warriors - What are your REALISTIC expectations for Novak at the WTF 2022?

    I expect him to win. Last year zverev outplayed him. Dont see anyone doing it this time. Rune even if playing wont beat Djokovic twice in a row. Probably FAA if he plays lights out
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    You have the magical ability to remove one of the 8 players qualified for the WTF, so Rune can play it...

    I would want Nadal to withdraw. He is not going to win it plus not fully fit. Better give the spot to Rune who has better chance
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    Bold prediction: Nadal will not beat Djokovic ever again, even on clay!

    I believe the same. But Nadal has a habit of surprising everyone. This years RG and AO he won matches he was expected to lose
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    Stefanos Tsitsipas will never win a grand slam.

    I agree with OP. Tispys game is already declining. And he can lose to 10 different players now..when he gets into form even then he can be taken out by top players. So yes..he is unlikely to win one
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    Which is more likely to happen, Nadal losing Roland Garros Final, or Djokovic losing Australian Open Final?

    Historically nobody challenged Nadal in the FO final while djoker had two close saves in 2012 and 2020 finals. But from 2021 onwards i think its more likely nadal will lose in fo final facing a strong opponent than Djokovic who is close to unbeatable by then. Well before 2021 fo, neither of...
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    Why Novak never plays Queens or Halle?

    A bit of history wont hurt. Djokovic used to play at queens till 2010. Didnt help his wimbledon though. At 2011 after his unexpected loss in french semis, he decided to take break and straight way jumped to wimbledon. Voila, he won. The winning formula continued till 2018 until that bad loss...
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    Great article. One mistake. In 2009 Miami, it was not Mardy Fish who beat him at Indian wells two weeks back. It was Andy murray. Mardy fish beat him last year at 2008 IW
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    Sinner’s fall.

    Thats a problem with his style of playing and body. He had a nasty fall in wimbledon too
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    Nadal's last 4 major wins - all epic

    Well written and agreed mostly. Fo 2020, ao 2022 and fo 22 are classics, the whole tournament. Uso 19 the final was superb, but otherwise it was a easy run to the final As for the past, Agree with w 2008 and ao 2009, who wont. But uso 13 and fo 13 runs were better than uso 10 and fo 17 runs...
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    All Big 4 Flopping at Laver Cup

    The big 4 gave laver cup the marketing impetus it needed. But that was for show..they know it. Nadal Federer played a doubles match firat day : 1 point Murray given singles first day : 1 point Murray pairing with berettini for 3rd day doubles was a mistake : 3 point. They could have norrie or...
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    Would Laver Cup in previous generations be more interesting?

    In earlier days those guys would never come together to play. No bonhomie , no PR those days
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    Why is Europe so dominant over the rest of the world tenniswise?

    I agree with all these but stating the current situation. Europe has crossed south america long back in football. They last won world cup in 2002 and doesn't look they will win anytime soon. Before 2002 , south america was equal if not stronger than europe. Same in tennis. Gone are the aussie...