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    How did Nadal run that fast?

    Slow surface, cool temps(mid-60s), mod high humidity(mid 70s), 20 feet behind the baseline!
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    Afraid to say it, but even I cannot call Fed GOAT anymore

    The truth about their H2H is that the vast majority of their matches have taken place on slow surfaces bcs Rafa is rarely good enough on fast courts (xcept Wimb) to even get to the finals where Roger has the edge against him due to style of play. Not Roger's fault at all that he has been the...
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    lol @ Roddick "Commentating is the easiest job ever"

    So why DOES he play like Wozniacki these days?? He used to be far more aggressive. It seems to me ever since he hired Stefanki & lost some wt he became more defensive which he will never be good at bcs he's just too slow. But maybe everybody knows that but him. Frustrating to watch.
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    lol @ Roddick "Commentating is the easiest job ever"

    Apparently, Fowler loved it too!! from his twitter right after the interview: "LOVED @andyroddick fiestiness in post-win sit-down. "tennis analyst easiest job in the world." "Listen to what u guys say, do opposite." "And it is only fair that if our analysts question and criticize tactics, to...
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    2011 Rome Final - Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic

    I searched on Google and on twitter since PMac posted over 4hrs ago and haven't found anything to confirm Joker wasn't playing so prob not true.
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    2011 Rome Final - Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic

    FYI from PMac's twitter PatrickMcEnroe Patrick McEnroe RT @Vanman111: Djoker has wings on feet and (cont) 4 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply
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    Interval Training

    The real story on EPOC & HIIT Just some stuff from a good site clarifying how many people have been misled by questionable research studies and marketing agendas...
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    Racket Evolution article and how it affects the players

    I actually did a lot of testing myself last summer w/diff racquets, strings, string patterns, sw, etc including a wooden rqt. I had injured my knee and couldn't run very well but hitting wasn't a problem so I spent some time experimenting. I found very little observable change in spin...
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    Racket Evolution article and how it affects the players

    Yeah, I think the reason they focus on the role of the equipment in the articles is bcs that is what they have so far been able to measure scientifically, not bcs it is the main factor in power/spin production. I would actually be more interested to see a comparison of top players' swing...
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    Racket Evolution article and how it affects the players

    Actually the link does work. It takes you to the July/August 2006 edition of the Atlantic magazine and the article that references racquet/string technologies and has a short comment about the Philippoussis serve test is at the bottom of the page in the Pursuits/Culture section and is entitled...
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    ATP 500 - ABIERTO MEXICANO 2011 - Feb.21-26

    Milos is out. Bummer.
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    Nadal's injury (Not trolling)

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    BBC article Nadal injury

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    SpeedTrac off by 20+ mph

    My tentative conclusion is fairly in line with what other more experienced users have reported, namely Drakulie, Jolly, Kevo, 5263, etc from some old threads I had researched. Some say 5-7mph, some say 10%, comments vary. There are many more threads going back several years if u do a search...
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    SpeedTrac off by 20+ mph

    Speedtrac testing results Well I finally got around to testing my new SpeedTrac last nite after waiting for the weather to cooperate. Initially I positioned it on the other side of the back fence on top of a step ladder and 2 milk crates to reduce angle error as much as possible and...