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    Coach wants me (3.5) to switch to WTA forehand

    I may be in the minority but after falling into the youtube hole time and time again researching (absent minded watching) I've come to notice that a lot of the pros started their forehand as a "WTA" forehand up until around age 14. Even Nadal in the Les Petit's vid against gasquet has his 12...
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    Your favourite socks

    Does no one here play in 90+ degree climates? These poly blends are terrible when you're sweating buckets every match. In the hot weather I can only do under armour or nike cotton blend training socks. They usually are 70% cotton.
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    Is the USTA video the best example of a 4.0 player?

    Watch my vids for the look of an average run of the mill ntrp 4.0. Getting close to UTR 7!
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    Tips for captains

    Actively seek out d2 and d3 players fresh out of college and buy them a USTA membership. Recruit them to your 4.0 teams as ringers until they get forced to 4.5.
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    Shoulder Bursitis

    Sufferer of chronic bursitis as well. Have been doing flexibility exercises 3x/week for a couple of months now and to be honest it still hurts like hell. Hope you find relief!
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    Favorite handfed deadball drills

    YES! This is the kinda info I'm talking about! This guy is on his way to open status. ^^^^
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    I played the #1 ranked 3.5 in Texas

    I’m sitting around 12 Haha you’re right Chael, I’ve never been accused maybe that’s why I look it in that light.
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    I played the #1 ranked 3.5 in Texas

    Exactly. I'm hoping 10 years from now I can run the tables at 4.0 and be called a sandbagger.
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    I played the #1 ranked 3.5 in Texas

    You are dead on about the balls in the middle of the court . They have been getting eaten up in all my matches lately and the more I try to hit out into the ball the more my balls hit the fence. It's like a battle between defensive and aggressive hitting that I don't know exactly which side to...
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    I played the #1 ranked 3.5 in Texas

    Hey y'all, I'm back almost a year after I posted the previous video. I thought it would be better suited here than starting a new thread. I'm in the red hat playing against a quality opponent that's a lot higher up in the ladder than I am so I came into this match thinking I was going to...
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    Is there a way to make hitting against the wall fun?

    I've found treating it as a cardio session and blasting music helped with enjoying hitting the wall.
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    How many hours to learn kick 2nd serve?

    For me it took 6 months - year of only using kick serve for 1st and 2nd serve for practice and competition. It slowly got better until it became my preferred serve to this day. I wouldn't recommend this tactic though as my slice serve suffered.
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    Do people who "like pace" and struggle with low pace have a common problem?

    Can't ever tell if these posts are in a sarcastic tone or if they believe what they're saying. I'm thinking a little bit of both.
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    Sec serve toss over my left schoulder in not natural and not consistent

    Practicing juggling with with tennis balls might make the release of the ball from the hand feel more second nature. Just a thought.
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    F/S: (2) Babolat Pure Drive

    What’s shipping for TX?