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    Who has received his/her pre-ordered RF 97 AUTOGRAPH?

    Got my two Sunday afternoon.......strung one up late that night and played yesterday. Tried the gut/poly hybrid at 58lbs and will look at stringing #2 with a full set of Origin at 60lbs. The demos I tried were strung with 4G and the other RPM Blast.........both felt great. Can't wait...
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    Letter from John Cauthen to Steve Davis

    Naaaaah......but a nice long point at the top - 4 to 5 inches makes it much more effective:)
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    that thin clear tape under the grip on Babolats

    That's just two way tape to help secure the grip in place........I've seen it on others - no harm at all removing it.
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    Letter from John Cauthen to Steve Davis

    Don't forget to get the Tin Foil to make the hats - need to protect yourselves from the incoming radio/micro wave transmissions.
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    What is The Worst or Stupidest Racquet Ever Produced?

    That along with the HORRIBLE Javelin!!!!! Still have no idea how the hell Edberg won and dominated the Jrs with it. I also nominate the miserable CHEMOLD P.O.S.......worst thing Laver did was sell out for the $$$$$$ on that.
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    What is The Worst or Stupidest Racquet Ever Produced?

    Thing is this frame and it's cousins the ERGE and Ergonom all play well and work! The issue is getting used to the crazy look and how it "feels" in your hand. IF you could do a blind test (yes impossible) or just get over the goofy shape they did hit very well. The Ergonom did do as...
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    In past experience with Babolat warranty (Congrats to Jovani and the new baby! Btw) which has been great it can take 4 to 6 weeks at minimum. We had a batch of defective Strikes that were sent back and it took about 7 weeks to get the replacements. Be patient and I bet if you call them...
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    Monday final of US Open is not going to last too long

    Ummmmmm no............... 1. There are no college basketball games in September - 2. The reason for the delay to Monday was because the Nadal - Murray match was halted due to heavy rain and had to be pushed overnight. The Monday final was because of that.......nothing at all to do with...
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    Any fans of Mythbusters?

    Yep - they pretty much axed the whole crew a few weeks can still catch her on reruns of Warehousee 13 and other schlocky movies/series on the Syfy Channel. All the G4 type nerds and geeks have a petition going to bring back KB
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    Bollettieri: 1hbh is dying on tour, dead among the short men

    Ummm Fed is like 2 in off. The ground - they are the same height -
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    Jack The Rippah's Identity Finally Revealed

    Graphic Novel first by quite a few years........actually published as a serial in the early 90s The movie changed a bunch of items from what Alan Moore wrote - thus giving him ANOTHER reason to hate all things having to do with Hollywood and movie adaptations.
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    2014 US Open QF: Federer v Monfils. THIS IS BLOCKBUSTER CITY

    Just had to peek as some of these threads to see how bad a meltdown all the Federer fanboys are having. I'm totally not disappointed....:twisted:
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    Quick monday evening rant

    Actually TOSHIBA has the brand name now.........have for about 4 yrs. the original Westinghouse Electric company defunct after splitting up back about 9 yrs ago (CBS Corp and Viacom). Westinghouse Electric (TOSHIBA div.) is now based in Pa and branding Tvs and stuff...............back in the...
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    Jennifer Capriati to Make Comeback!!

    She and her team did buck the system a bit and her dad was kinda a burr to the powers that be. There was just too much ill will between her dad and reps and the ITF/WTA. Andre was the little prince and was such a huge face of tennis there was NOOOOO way they were gong to let him get caught...
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    Jennifer Capriati to Make Comeback!!