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    Athletes at the top of their sport at 38.

    Gretsky played far later and better than most hockey players imo.
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    As a Novak Djokovic fan since 2006, I can honestly say this is the first time he stole a grand slam final.

    What do the stats look like taking away the 2nd and/or 3rd set. Once he went down maybe he pulled the old "conserve energy and work the old man" strategy. And to be honest, I thought Federer played a great match, a nole had an off day. The other striking thing to me was how much Djokovic...
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    Novak Djokovic in one gif...

    Thought for sure it was going to be the zoomed in head shot in the fifth when he had his mouth open like he was going to be a prisoner's best friend.. And I am a fan...
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    Nadal's health issues

    Withdrawn. Corrected, it was his backhand, not the back.
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    Favourite Tennis surface to watch?

    Clay because the point play is more developed. Having said that, this year all the red clay was hard to watch because you couldn't see the ball.
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    4.0+ - How long do rackets last you?

    I think that if you are playing with your old frames, it is hard to comment on how they compare to new versions of your old frames. I.e. shoes that are broken in and feel very comfortable, when I switch to new ones (about 4 mos into play) are clearly not performing well. But I was "used" to...
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    Tennis ball frustration.

    Yes. For me some balls just play different. Wilson my fav followed by Penn. but i dislike babolat balls. Also make sure you getting right felt for surface. Lastly older balls - I loose control. Not sure why in my head maybe less felt/fuzz though based on pros opposite is true (new balls...
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    Djokovic threat of Boycott

    Trump told the Russians to collude with Djokovic to control the elements to prevent Thiem (or maybe Nadal even) from wining RG.
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    2019 Rome FINAL: Novak Djokovic (1) vs Rafael Nadal (2)

    Really wanted to post earlier: 1) If Djoker wins, it will crush Nadal and leave him demoralized for the FO. 2) If Djoker looses, it was to lull Nadal in to a sense of overconfidence and to save energy for FO where the real Ultron will appear. Lol can sub Djoker/Nadal and Ultron/Bull Being a...
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    Alternative 2018 barricade boost

    me too. hated those triangle things.
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    Question for Ubersonic 3 Owners

    I tighten my in the lower section, tying the upper looser. The tongue is too thin, imo. But doing this it works well for me. I do also have to put a loop in and then a double knot with the bunny ears, or the laces are so long that I shred them on the court- though that is what I do with most...
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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    Been alternating my ubersonic 3's and the solecourt for about a 4 months now. Impressions Solecourt Boost: You need to go down a 1/2 size. I like a wide shoe any my normal size is too long/wide (10.5). The ankle support is better with the solecourt than with the old barricades and quite a...
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    My first official 4.0 match

    Gased: first time playing outside and in more heat. Long rally's where to be honest I was probably hitting to much to the middle trying to out last.. and I am 10 years older and 258lbs. My game needs to be controlled aggression.. but I like long rally's I can not lie.
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    My first official 4.0 match

    Despite my USTA dynamic rating of 3.14 I have for the last year been splitting singles matches in non-USTA matches with 4.0's and usually am competitive. I was finally asked to play on a 4.0 USTA team, played line 2 singles today. For my first outside match or play of the year, I did ok...
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    Mine has .1 Oz at 3 and 9, Wilson leather grip and technifiber atp pro grip. One weighs in at 339 gm and the other is at 338. Hyper G at 50lbs. I love it for the control, but I can honestly tell you that I am frequently told I one of the hardest hitters in town (talking my rally ball)...