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    Toss falls apart - what to do against nerven?

    Find a vertical line somewhere in the background (i.e. net strap, net post, fence post, etc.) that roughly lines up with how you want to throw the ball: During your toss, just try to trace that line with your arm/hand.
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    Curious how you guys hit your second serves?

    I think I'm in a similar category as you. Most people at my level have complimented my second serve. It's one of the few parts of my game that is reliably decent. My #1 priority with second serves is to swing hard and upwards to maximize topspin. #2 priority is placement to the opponents...
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    Forehand Release or Tight Arm Problem

    You could tape the racquet grip directly to your wrist (i.e zero fingers and zero grip pressure) and still arm the ball. The solution is to use more legs.
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    Forehand Release or Tight Arm Problem

    Here's three consecutive frames of your shadow swing: The most noticeable issue to me is what's going on with your lower body. The purpose of bending your knees and loading your back leg in the backswing is so...
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    Which word best describes what the left (non dominant) hand does when hitting the ball in the topspin double handed backhand?

    This depends on what a player is doing and what advice they would most benefit from hearing. If a player is naturally already doing A then they may need to be told to focus on B, and vice-versa. i.e. if a player is hitting super flat with no margin they probably need to be told to brush the...
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    How To Handle Opponent Accusing Me of Hooking?

    Some people have this expectation that shots that they really want to be in.... should be called in, simply because they want it so badly. The more they want it, the more 'sure' they are it was in. They're only mad at you because it's easier than being mad at themselves for missing the shot 8-B
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    Double Hander Fundamentals?

    It's a strange shot. I'd say the 2hbh is still alien even to most recreational players who use it haha. You would think that adding a second hand makes things easier, but in some ways getting both arms to coordinate comfortably is kind of complicated. I've even heard some coaches prefer...
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    Is this UTR to NTRP conversion chart accurate?

    That's the downside of NTRP. Without the granularity you've just got really big buckets, and the buckets overlap. With UTR you know exactly where you stand. A few days ago I lost a singles set 6-1 at NTRP 4.0. I played my *ss off but the guy was just way too good. Later I checked on UTR...
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    Is it ok to master kick serve placement first over other serves?

    Apparently recreational players are so bad that they can't even attack a bop serve, therefore don't waste time developing a good kick... But also recreational players should be able to develop a 1st serve that goes in 60%+ of the time and starts the point on offense? o_O So rec players are...
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    Got Every Shot, Never Know Which to Choose... How to Practice?

    Sounds like you are a good player. Just because your technique is in a good place though doesn't mean you have no use for a coach. A good coach can help you with the other aspects of the game.
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    Stroke development and muscle memory is done after 5 years ?

    Yea this was addressed somewhat here too:
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    too much USTA is toxic for tennis development.

    No, the reason is because many folks simply like to go out and have fun once a week and don't prioritize improvement. Also why do you care if people stay at 3.5? USTA isn't about tennis development in the technical/improvement sense. Sure they've got their national training centers yada...
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    Low or high powered racket to start learning technique with?

    My views on this have changed over time. I used to think that the light weight OS racquets were the worst. Only appropriate for old and feeble people. Guaranteed to prevent development of proper strokes, etc., etc. For this reason, when my wife picked up tennis I started her off with a...
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    Is it ok to master kick serve placement first over other serves?

    Prioritizing development of your kick serve is absolutely a good idea. Don't completely abandon slice and flat serves. Keep them in your back pocket. Variety wins service points moreso than pace or hitting lines.
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    Flying clamps size

    Not sure if this helps... Long ago when I bought Eagnas clamps I first called them to ask what I needed. They told me that one Medium clamp and one Large clamp should be sufficient to string the vast majority of common racquets. In my experience that has held up to be true, although there...