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    Automatic vs stick

    If you drive a manual correctly and well, it will probably be more fuel efficient.
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    Automatic vs stick

    If you accelerate and reach the top RPM for a gear, and you can hear the engine whine, you can shift into the next gear without using the clutch. Cars with a manual transmission are cheaper and, in general, more fuel efficient.
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    stuck at 4.0 - 4.5

    You'll never improve if you spend the warm seasons merely relearning the strokes. If you enjoy the game, pay the money to get court time twice a week during the colder months; you might not improve but you'll maintain your skill, and then you'll have time to improve in the warmer months.
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    does anybody still steps in when hitting their.......

    This is a common misconception among amateur tennis players; most professionals do step into shots or hit with a "closed stance" when they can (as snoflewis said, when they are moving forward). An open stance is preferred during fast baseline play because closing the stance takes time, but pros...
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    What? Hottest day in england yesterday!

    You're exactly right. The world has gone through a pattern of global warming and global cooling throughout its existence. The point remains that the carbon dioxide levels have increased exponentially and are now completely out of the normal fluctuation; this will cause the temperature to...
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    What book are you reading?

    Starting The Scarlet Letter and The World That Trade Created for school.
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    controlling forehands (help)

    To make the ball move crosscourt, you must strike the ball slightly earlier than if you were to hit it down the middle; to hit the ball down the line, you must strike it slightly late. The most important thing in controlling shots is timing, which takes a lot of practice to improve.
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    Best movie with a high school theme and plot?

    I forgot Elephant; Gus Van Sant is an excellent director, which also reminds me of another of his high school themed movies: Finding Forrester.
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    Socks to stop blisters

    Agreed: pretty much the same idea as layering two pairs of socks, except without the added thickness.
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    Best movie with a high school theme and plot?

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Remember the Titans are excellent; American Graffiti is a classic that deals with just out of high school kids.
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    Kick Serve in Deuce side.

    On the deuce side you should not be hitting "to the left." A kick serve on the deuce side goes down the "T" in order to force the returner to hit a high backhand (assuming righthandedness).
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    Don't get involved with it; Limewire has been known to mess up peoples' computers due to spyware and viruses. My suggestion: use iTunes or buy the CD.
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    Question on AIM/ICQ/MySpace IM

    I'm not sure if the browser has anything to do with it, but I'd suggest visiting a website from which you can use AIM, ICQ, and nearly every instant messaging program, all from the same page.
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    Tall Player Advice

    Marat Safin is 6' 4" and is considered a tall player.
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    Curious about those who carry different rackets in their bag.

    I use both the Prestige Classic 600 and the i.prestige mid. Both racquets have similar power levels and weigh the same, so I don't have to make adjustments when I switch between them. The main difference in the racquets is feel, and I like being able to switch between the racquets depending on...