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    Darren Cahill - Fed Would Not Have Beaten Rafa

    If my grandmother hasn't died, she'd be alive.
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    Ranking Question?

    We need Justine Henin back !
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    whats the difference between hard court and indoor court

    The indoor courts we have here are carpet with some artificial sand over them. They have it in green and red color and renew the sand from time to time. I guess the sand make it closer to clay. I play there when it is rainy outside and I have to adapt my game and strokes as normal hits...
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    American male tennis.Any reason for hope?

    Maybe if Americans modify tennis in the way they did with rugby and cricket for example, turning them into american football and baseball. Like that there would be a lot less of nations playing that new sport and then americans can excel on it. PS. calm down, it was a joke :)
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    Put your racquet where your mouth is Djokovic

    I'm glad Safin is winning again, after those Himalaya climbs. Go Safin !
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    Federer's belt!!! hahahahah

    That is right to the point ! Someone saw the interview of Djokovic on Eurosport, when he does the Rolad Garros Quizz, and he fails all the questions and at the end apologizes saying "I know nothing about tennis history" ?
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    Federer's belt!!! hahahahah

    The shorts look the right size and also his shirts are. many people wear oversized clothing, but this doesn't make it right.
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    Funny pic

    No, it is true check out this video at 0:36
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    Federer reveals the size of his...

    Yes Klatu, Swiss girls are hot ! Come over here and you'll see :)
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    That's my girl !
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    Har-Tru in Europe

    in fact, red clay looks right and natural to me. green clay on the other side, looks artificial.
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    Har-Tru in Europe

    I've seen green clay only in one club here in Zürich. all the rest are red
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    How common are clay courts in Europe?

    Here in Zürich, outdoor courts are clay, 95% red, maybe 5% green. Most indoor courts are carpet. I've seen some hardcourts in private installations.