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    general advice on my game

    honestly, if u play singles, the net game would be the thing i focus on last. You seem to have good height, good athletic ability, forehand stroke looks good, back hand drive is servicable, the backhand slice is where the liability is and that is what i would work on. one advice on volleys is...
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    What level are these players?

    i have seen a player use frying pans and a wooden box to beat 4.0/4.5 level players. Its always fun to this guy hustle people for thousands of dollars.
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    What level are these players?

    we sometimes think that players at a certain level will have certain strokes and gameplay ingrained. well at the rec level, thats not always true. I would say that up to the 4.5 level ( only from my observations of opponents), what u really need is good movement and good defensive skills. ( your...
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    Looking for some doubles tips!

    against that skilled of a baseliner u have to both play the net. i would lob over the father and make the baseliner hit through u . If he is like any other young adult i play he will not be comfortable lobbing back and will try to hit through u.
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    Too much topspin?

    u hit them as u wish . only thing i cant tolerate during warm ups is if people try to hit winners to the corners or intentionally do drop shots.
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    3.5 TTPS

    looks like 3.5 to me. Both guys seem athletic and similar in skill levels. Thats all that really matters in rec play.
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    Footage of myself.

    these were 4.5's? In the couple of minutes that i watched, did not see any type of rallies, net play, etc. I'm not saying htey need to look world class but a 4.5 should be able to construct points alot better and have some aresenals for attack.
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    No pace balls difficult

    who says these player are beginners, its just how they play. i see that alot in league play. That is there weapon, i find most of these players have great defensive skills also.
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    How to handle a weak group?

    u need to find a different group. its not on them its on u to change. Cant make someone play singles if they dont want to. As far as doubles, some people just wants to play with certain partners, i understand that. When i run into these types, i look elswhere. I dont expect them to change.
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    Video of me trying to figure out the kick serve

    thats a nice looking stroke
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    Embarassed and disappointed in miself

    ive seen your videos and it does seem like u have good looking strokes. Problem is that just doenst always translate into wins. This discussion always arises on this forum when people throw out terms like "pusher, junkballer" . When u play someone with unconventonal strokes with lots of spins be...
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    Is the USTA video the best example of a 4.0 player?

    i wondered if people who are arguing the validity of the players ranking has ever played in usta leagues. If u have then u will know that 4.0's come in all colors.
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    Taking on the Sandbaggers

    AT your level lobs are not defensive shots. i like to throw up couple of lobs in any set to test the opponents overheads. At the rec level, players usually have terrible overheads.
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    Tennis Is Not About Winning At All!!!

    but winning sure makes the ride more enjoyable.