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    whats up with federers bag at the olympics?

    It's custom... if you were Federer would you rather have a big "W" on it or no advertising through your bag? Although maybe it's some strange olympic rule.
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    Nike Racquets

    Does Anyone Know Why Nike Doesn't Make Racquets? I'm Sure They Would Be Right Up With Wilson. Their Clothing And Shoes Are Fine.
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    Improve Sampras' Game

    If You Could Improve "Pistol" Pete's Game, What Would You Improve?
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    Recommended tennis balls

    Thanks for all the advice! :)
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    yes, A two handed backhand some pros do and a 1 handed slice will have tons of spin on it.
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    Recommended tennis balls

    so should i use real balls on clay or foam on hardcourt?
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    Safin or Chang?

    Safin all the way...
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    Who will win? Sampras or Federer?

    Yep. BTW nice Signature.
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    I cannot watch Shriekapova any longer.

    Ha Ha... I Agree.Does she not do that all the time? :)
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    How Many Grand Slams Will Rafael Nadal Win In 2008?

    Even if he most likely will only get 1-2 he still is a great tennis player and even if he only gets 0,he is still great at tennis and very nice.I'm sure he will try very hard to get at least 1 Title.
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    Who will win? Sampras or Federer?

    yep me too, Although No ties, so i win
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    Who have you seen in most matches?

    Exactly like what i've been wanting!
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    Recommended tennis balls

    what foam ball do you recommend for clay courts for a learning junior?