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    Fabrice the magician

    i wouldnt be 'surpirsed' if people state that he has the best touch in tennis.... but to say he is the most talented.....ummm, no. very cool to watch though. he always plays a couple interesting points in any match ive watch him play.
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    ATP Masters Toronto Winner (poll)

    blake over safin, thats ridiculous. i know i call safin a huge waste of talent but please.
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    Nice time at the Acura

    ...sounds boring. you coulda tanned at the beach or played tennis instead.
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    USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center

    hahaha you made laugh. 'one fell swoop' 'black folk' 'the queers' hahahaha
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    Is Brian Baker done trying to make it?

    wth is brian baker? he was a no-name before he even became one.
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    Mel Gibson wata Christian Scammer

    the passion of the anti-semite
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    crazy croats

    what about myskina? and is it true hingis used to be hingisova?
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    The Us Open Favorite.

    she did ok. the match was fugly to watch but if ms valtrex is sick then she has a crack at the open.
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    crazy croats

    lemme get this right, the croats are crazy because of their name and their stature....
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    Your favorite Potato Chips?

    is it true wow's potato chips gives people anal leakage?
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    Fabrice the magician

    the vs gaudio one was better.
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    Vaidisova's in the top 10

    she is the james blake of the women's tour
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    Roddick withdraws . . . AGAIN

    he probably knew that fed and nadal were committed.
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    The Us Open Favorite.

    i still say kim or herp-lip have a better chance, with the upper hand to JHerpHerp....
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    ugly match.