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    High Fiberglass ratio in rackets ?

    In that case, other than the F200 and some Voelkls, you'll only find high% fiberglass among low-end models sold in department stores, such as Bard Graff Fire (20/80 GR/FG) and Wilson Graphite Matrix (15/85 GR/FG). As I recall, both models were available cheaply from Service Merchandise in the...
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    High Fiberglass ratio in rackets ?

    All hand-laid FRP racquets prior to 1975 were 100% fiberglass (Voelkl Zebra, Adidas Adistar, PDP Fiberstaff, Yamaha YFG-30, Donnay Caldon, just to name the better known ones), and many more were made after 1975 and well into the early 80s (Head XRC, Dura-Fiber XT, Donnay 3-SET, and a host of...
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    Donnay supermid carbon/ceramic/graphite?

    I skied an entire season wearing a pair of 20 year old (at the time) Henke boots mated to only slightly less old skis borrowed from my high school's athletics department, and broke my leg on the last day of the season after veering into spring crud at full speed in a tuck. The brand had already...
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    All Pro Staff 85 editions in photos.

    It's almost certainly a "GMQ" (I say 'almost' only because there is no clear photo of the butt cap in this listing); the little squiggly tail is not always easy to make out. The letter "G" dates the frame to 1984, the "Q" indicates St Vincent manufacture. PS85 were made in both Chicago and St...
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    3D Printed Dunlop Max 200G

    Something to keep in mind if you really plan to go forward with this project. The typical carbon fiber in a hand-laid frame has a tensile strength of 600 MPa or more. The nylon used to make the 200G wasn't just any nylon, but "Nylon 6/6", the strongest available. With 30% chopped carbon fibers...
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    Born in the USSR

    Is the "date stamp" to which you are referring above the grip, Retro? My own "Master" and "Progress" (shown in Post #19 above) are marked "VII-87" and "5-89" respectively, which I assumed to mean "July 1987" and May "1989", when the USSR was still in one piece, and glasnost and perestroika were...
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    Born in the USSR

    Where do the Glavsportprom Kneissl clones fit inside this equipment hierarchy? We learned elsewhere from @BorgCash that used examples like the ones below are quite common and inexpensive today, but were they widely available when new? In which Soviet Republic/factory were they produced? Did they...
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    Wilson 6.1 with 6.0 pj

    Assuming the butt cap is original to the frame, the code would indicate that this racquet was manufactured in 1993, by SanHoSun, during the third year of the model's existence. I have no idea why they would go retro on the paint scheme so deep into the product's life cycle, but SanHoSun was also...
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    Wilson 6.1 with 6.0 pj

    Very interesting! Given the sequence of paint schemes, one would normally expect to see the reverse on a specially-painted frame. What is the butt cap code on this?
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    85 Wilson wet Noodles ? Wetter the better !

    Yes, at 16 RA, the Aquillon is the softest "playable" composite racquet I've measured so far (my tally stands at 794). I have two of them with identical readings, so this is a real spec, not a broken frame issue. However, our fancy-pants friend also made it clear in many other threads that he...
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    Yonex rexking experts ???

    That 33 RA figure is puzzling to me as well, as it's about as deep into the 'noodle' range as you can venture for a composite frame of conventional design without falling under the 'probably broken' rubric. These are some of the racquets I've measured that exhibited this level of flexibility...
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    Yonex rexking experts ???

    Fiberglass is flexier than carbon fiber, but also weaker. A predominantly fiberglass composite frame needs thicker walls to have sufficient strength, so it will never be light. Your persistent hunt for an ultra light, ultra flexible frame is most likely a quixotic quest, especially if you focus...
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    Yamaha Secret 04

    That was a lot of work indeed! Personally, I didn't go that far. For my own spreadsheet, I was content to fit my equation to Stringway's conversion table as it is, without extensions, and found that a 5th order curve was more than adequate for the job. My curve begins to do funny things at the...
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    SlazengerS... fake or too old?

    It was Slazengers because the full name was Slazenger & Sons. The plural "s" was dropped after WW II during a period of brand consolidation, when Slazenger decided to de-emphasize or discontinue the use of several other major brands (Sykes, Ayres, Gradidge) that it had acquired between 1931 and...
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    Classic Racket Pics

    If you have some time to kill during our nationwide house arrest, have a look at this thread. It got derailed towards the end, but the answer to your question is in there somewhere: