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    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    I stopped frequenting my local GWs because their crap-to-gem ratio had risen exponentially over the past few years, and because I ran out of storage room at home. However, when these stores began to open again after our pseudo lock-down was lifted, I decided to go back to have a look, because I...
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    Prince Spectrum Comp Racquet specs/ reviews

    I'm afraid I have no personal experience with these. All I know is that they were launched in 1986, with graphite, fiberglass, kevlar, and a tiny amount of ceramic fibers in their layup (of which graphite accounted for 80% of the total - halfway between the 100% "Graphite" and the 60% "Graphite...
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    Kneissl Silver Arrow - Any information?

    Bitzer was also from Waldbröl, and was the co-author on one of Rutz's 1974 patents related to this particular racquet design, so their collaboration on this was virtually from the start. This buttcap sticker is the one I would have expected to see on such racquets. It is the Kneissl sticker...
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    Fischer Twin Tec

    Very cool demonstration piece, Retro! So the strings are suspended entirely by the Vestoran middle layer? Others also made frames by joining two tubular halves together, but none like this! Using this production method, each molding step produced only half a racquet, and the gluing, trimming...
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    Does anyone know specs on original bumperless no grommet version of the POG OS

    I have only measured a single NOS POG produced by Fansteel, the true "first version" that was made from 1978 to 1979. It weighed 377g strung, had a 4 pt HL balance, with a swing weight of 374, and a flex of 67 RA. These are as close to 'as-shipped' measurements as one is likely to get today, but...
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    I'm Racketoholic, please help!!!

    Thank you, gentlemen! As it turned out, the second wave of dry thunderstorms did not materialize in the east hills yesterday, so the nightmare scenario that mandated our evacuation has been averted for now, causing the order to be downgraded back to ‘warning’. Consequently, many of us have been...
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    I'm Racketoholic, please help!!!

    I think this qualifies as a symptom of terminal racquetoholism. We were issued a mandatory evacuation order yesterday by the authorities, because the third largest fire in California history (only 10% contained so far) is inching too close to our community for comfort. This is what the inside...
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    Wilson Sting Mid

    I don't think Mr Chris Evert would have appreciated being called a parks and rec hacker! :)
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    Fans of the Pro Kennex Silver Ace - Help me!

    What does the butt cap decal look like? Before 1982, they used a "K" logo with built-in stars and stripes, a carry-over from their pre-'78 "Kennedy" days, when Kunnan wanted his brand to look as faux-American as possible. The sail shaped logo came into existence in late 1982, two years after the...
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    Timeline of largest graphite racquets

    Just for the benefit of those who don't already know this story from past discussions, and have no immediate access to Kuebler's book: Klemmer was a Snauwaert distributor; "Bentley" was his house brand. All Bentleys were produced by Snauwaert, including the dozen Fortissimo prototypes that were...
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    Prince Original Graphite ( POG ) Mid and OS versions

    I researched the history of grommetless POGs by talking to the people who made them; the rest is purely observational. This particular cosmetic variant is new to me, too! It looks to be a later Kunnan one-stripe (grommet-stripped, repositioned throat brace, slightly thicker beam profile, longer...
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    Wilson T-5000

    It has a red butt cap, which, as I understand it, means it's a "firm flex". Obviously, 33 RA is not "firm" by today's standards; it is not even firm by wooden racquet standards. However, other skinny steel frames weren't terribly firm either. Those indestructible Daytons from the 1920s typically...
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    Wilson T-5000

    The domed version is the T-4000, which has a hidden tungsten dampener that has a tendency to come loose over time, turning the permanently affixed dome into a dice shaker. I have yet to encounter a single used T-5000 that has not been de-dangler-ed. So the "needle in the haystack" analogy is...
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    Dunlop Max IMF Series rackets

    I certainly would never argue against hard data. As a committed equipment geek who spent years measuring and compiling my own data sheets on hundreds of racquets, I find very little to disagree with you in your second paragraph. However, we may be talking past each other on this specific...
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    Dunlop Max IMF Series rackets

    What you described in your earlier post is the transition of the string from the elastic phase to the plastic phase, when the applied load exceeded a certain threshold. This is an entirely separate property from dynamic stiffness. I suspect if you read up a little more on the subject, you would...