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    Are your Racquet & Bag the same Brand?

    Yes. A couple of Yonex RDS racquets, and a Black Yonex 6-pack bag.
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    How many mains and crosses have you broken in one shot?

    The best I've done is 4 mains/0 crosses right at the top of the head. I was going for a hard flat serve down the T.
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    Patrick McEnroe - worst commentator in the game?

    PMac isn't the best, but he's far from the worst.
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    what is your tennis shoe brand?

    Adidas, Barricade IV's and Tirand II's.
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    Take it on the rise or take it at the highest point?

    If I wanted to put it away, I'd hit it at its highest point to get a better angle. I could also hit it on the rise to one of the corners to set up an easy volley as my next shot and put it away then.
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    the height of serve toss

    Its about 1x my body height. It looks a lot higher with the knee bend before the swing.
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    what kind of forehand grip do you use?

    Recently switched from eastern to semi-western. Its helped my consistency with keeping the ball in, especially the short balls.
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    What do you think of this court.

    Looks like Roger's aware of the edge as it appears he is foot faulting :)
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    white at wimbledon

    They would just come out white anyway :p
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    white at wimbledon

    They almost didn't allow Nadal to wear his "pirate pants" last year I thought. But they decided to allow it in the end as long as it was white.
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    Scotty Doesn't Know

    Awesome song/movie :grin:
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    Hard Hitters vs. Spin Doctors

    I think a hard hitter would be more effective only because with spin doctors/junkballers I find there is a lot more time to react.
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    If you could be sponsored...

    Yonex, its simply what I use.
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    Tees or Collared shirts for Tennis?

    No collar for me, I use t-shirts.
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    what racquet do you use

    Yonex RDS 001/002