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    Roger Federer Inspired a Generation

    It's probably hovering over your head. ;)
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    Federer News

    Read somewhere Seve commentated on Fed's match today on Swiss TV. Think that's more interesting the match really, anyone caught it?
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    Do you enjoy the Laver Cup?

    Laver Cup had a fun Fedal doubles the first year, and a nice last match. It may well have self-destruced after that for all I care. I've barely watched anything last year, haven't seen anything this year and don't plan to.
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    Kim Clijsters is coming back! Again!

    Well her previous comeback was something, doubt this will be the same, but good for her and good for the tour I suppose.
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    2019 US Open QF: (3) Federer vs Dimitrov

    Even after that dire first service game it was apparent Dimitrov came to play; his game looked gritty, going after almost every ball. Some of the rallies looked great. Fed visibly faded as the match went on, but it's note worthing Dimitrov stopped making errors almost altogether mid-way into...
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    2019 US Open QF: (3) Federer vs Dimitrov

    Wouldn't miss the chance.
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    2019 US Open QF: (3) Federer vs Dimitrov

    It's not exactly his decision now is it?
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    2019 USO QF - [5] Daniil Medvedev vs [23] Stan Wawrinka

    I clicked on like and suddenly there were 4 likes. Such is the quality of vive.