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    Calculate your serve speed

    ok you are keeping a secret.. but you still didnt told me how the app will know where is the ball on the screen and when it is hitted by the racquet. I am not asking for a code or something, just the idea. But ok, we will see your result when finished.
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    Calculate your serve speed

    i believe that his profit would be 0 if he listened to you :) i am afraid that to make accurate measure of ball speed, using simple camera from you iphone, is not gonna get you the results. You could get some results but it will be way off. However i believe that using some kind of sensor...
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    How to Deal with High Balls that bounce near the baseline?

    try to hit the ball on the rise in front of you. if you are not that quick, you need to go back a few steps and hit it ( i dont suggest you that). I try sometimes to change my grip to western like and hit the forehand above my shoulders (it is hard and you need to work on it) but i dont...
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    End of an era?

    the answer is no.
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    Lion vs Tiger fight.

    I think that it really depends on a type of the tiger.. some tigers are massive, some not. But i am almost sure, that when we took average tiger and average lion, lion could crush a tiger. Lion simply has more power.
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    Any one else shed tears when Andy spoke?

    I believe that he will have at least one more chance to win Wimbledon.. at least. Its not so bad to lose against the best player in the history of tennis, like Roger. Murray should focus on getting away from injuries, and moments like this should make him tougher (mentally). So nothing is...
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    Any one else shed tears when Andy spoke?

    why should we shed a tear... he is live and well, still young player with at least 3-5 good years ahead of him.. he should work on his play and mental part as well as Roger did all these years, and grand slams will be his.
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    Novak is the son of God nothing can stop him...

    Yeah probably.. see you after final then.
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    There will be a new Wimbledon finalist on Sunday

    lets be real.. Murray and Novak are the future of tennis (if we talk about next 3-4).
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    Best racket head size for 1 bhb?

    93.8 10charrrr
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    If they push Wimbledon back a week...

    problem solved.. remove all the grass and let the players play in a mud, so rafa has better chances to win
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    Novak is the son of God nothing can stop him...

    tsonga cant beat novak in GS.
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    This is an outrage!!! >:(

    didnt know that nadal is such a mental midget
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    Federer's relationship with Mirka..

    That's where the story goes with all the women. Once you get the money and fame, even if you are Chuck Norris, you cant be sure why are they truly with you. Fed isn't the only one, Djoker is still with Jelena.. Murray, Nadal, ect.
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    Fear of Flying. Help!

    i really cant blame you, with all that TV shows about disasters and plane accidents, i really have the same problem as you (and i never even got into a plane!). just dont think about it as something dangerous as you have more chance to die in a bus or a car accident than plane. Probably people...