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    3 Serbs in last 8 at RG, freakin' amazing

    Crazy. Hey Christo, where did you find your numbers? I've been searching for the USTA total budget numbers for years, and have never found them. I've also been searching for UK numbers for comparison; I just want to make sure I have some sources. I'm assuming that you're not implying that the...
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    Sampras v Agassi footage a great reminder

    The rainout today was unfortunate, but getting to watch the 2001 USO quarterfinal between Sampras and Agassi was a real treat. Honestly, I was getting a little bit of recent-itis, but watching Pete's second serve and attacking style reminded me why he is arguably the GOAT. I'd really forgotten...
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    Anyone seen these matches?

    Moose, you are an old-school tennis encyclopedia. I thought I'd traveled to and watched a lot of matches, but you and Fee (just to name a few) really take the cake. It's really amazing some of the crazy facts you know, and that you remember these matches so clearly (including comments by other...
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    Todays tennis is missing...

    If I remember correctly, didn't Mac have a crazy outburst earlier in the match that pissed Lendl off? Sorry if I'm off, it's been a while. I'm sure it's been posted other places on the forums, but Lendl had these idiosyncracies that really made him stand out. His crazy 14+ oz Adidas raquet with...
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    Best string for Flexpoint Radical Tour?

    I have tried hitting with VS Team 17g at 64lbs and 66lbs, but they felt too stiff. I'm not a stringing pro or anything like that, but I generally do take my racquets to the top end of the "recommended" ranges. Gut is my primary string, and I generally take the max "recommended" string tension...
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    Best string for Flexpoint Radical Tour?

    59lbs on the X-1 Biphase 18g was great. Its tough choosing between 59 and 61 lbs. Sounds odd, but 60lbs wasn't the answer. I serve great @ 59lbs, and I hit great @ 61lbs. Almost makes me want to carry both tensions in my bag. The obvious answer is to go at 60lbs, but for some reason, I think I...
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    Hot girl in Tennis Magazine!

    LOL, this is the funniest thread I've read in a while. Cadfael, POGO, and Mr. Sheppard, freakin hillarious! BTW POGO, please do not post pictures of my wife without my permission.
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    Technifibre NRG2 vs. X-One Biphase

    Made a post that covers both strings: Take a read and hopefully it helps out. In short, X1 Biphase all the way. Much better feel, but the only bad part was lots of string movement.
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    Best string for Flexpoint Radical Tour?

    Hi Christo, I've been using the FPRTour for a few months, and I really like the stick. I've been a die-hard gut guy for a while, but I've found I really need to string it up at 64lbs or so, because the power of the FPRT with the gut gives me too much pop. Recently, I've been hitting with the...
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    Comfort polys

    ChicagoJack, your two posts are EXCELLENT. Great info! I didn't know this even existed. I'll be heading over there and maybe signing up if you can find this kinda of info on their site.
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    What tension for X-One Bi-Phase?

    Hey Lefty, I just tested this string out on my FPRad Tour. I know it's a very different racquet from what you're using, but my goals are essentially the same. Range is 52-62 lbs, and I have mine string at 61 lbs. The string hits great, was hitting vs the ball machine (6 x 125 buckets of balls)...
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    Serena - 18 tournaments? HA HA

    Isn't this all WTA matches? Oh shoot, my anti-WTA bias is rearings its head again. Apologies to Justine and Amelie. *EDIT, just so it's not taken out of context, I love watching JHH and Mauresmo. I'm just apologizing for grouping them with the other WTA bashers*
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    Serena - 18 tournaments? HA HA

    Serena has "curves", Mirka has "curves" :mrgreen: . Sorry all, couldn't help myself on this one.
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    congrats Kim!!!

    That's a ridiculous statement; Dick Enberg is a classy act. While he may be getting on in years, he's still one of the few gentlemen left in broadcasting. This was one of the more gracious and sincere interviews I've seen for an on-court victory speech. Congrats to Kim on a great win, it was a...
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    Davenport's F-Bombs

    She'll drop a few on the practice courts, too. Kinda caught me off guard the first time I heard her. I was with a buddy at the time, and he mentioned that she was one of the more foul-mouthed players out on the court. Either way, I still dig her 2-hander.