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    Organizing your racquet bags

    I have it, and you can pack a lot in it. - Racquet slot can actually fit 5 racquets if you can layer the handles - The pocket holding the water bottle up there? It's actually deep enough to fit two 40oz thermals (hydroflask or other) - Shoe compartment is large enough to fit a warm jacket +...
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    What is worse for TE? Gut at 55, or Poly at 45 ?

    Gut at 55 is basically pillow...
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    Wilson racquets with new checkerboard graphics

    I'm calling it "DUMB"
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    Rotator Cuff Bursitis

    Physio is not a doctor... Physio/physical therapist help you rehab after an actual diagnosis.
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    Dunlop Hold All duffel bag / Tecnifibre Endurance RackPack Pro

    Dear all, I'm looking for either one of these bags: Dunlop Hold All Duffel Bag: Tecnifibre Endurance RackPack Pro...
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    Formula 1

    He's just picking up exactly where he left off in 2018.
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    ATP Miami 2019 - Tsitsipas vs Shapovalov

    Yeah just like exaggerated and prolonged grunting, huh? Why not do some bird calls while you hit then?
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    ATP Miami 2019 - Tsitsipas vs Shapovalov

    Did Tsitsipas just do a racquet tap purposely against the ground, right when Shapovalov was about to hit his forehand winner? NOT COOL. 3rd set, 3-3
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    Racket suggestions for petite beginner adult women?

    Racquets are more about your skills, desires, and playing style than your physique. What are you looking for in a racquet?
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    Kerber to Andreescu: you're the biggest drama queen ever"

    Never take a GGPD's analysis of the game seriously.
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    Best Racquet for continual sore wrist

    Speak for yourself please. I'm not about to take advice from all the 3.0 lurking in those sections of the message boards. They got algorithm on how to execute a forehand. Working out their sins, cosines, and tangent line before they toss the ball up for a serve.
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    Practicing with bad players.

    Nothing wrong with venturing outside of your team/tennis circle for more challenging practice partners. At some point, practicing with non-challenging/inconsistent players feel like you're providing them a service than a practice, and that's no fun at all. (Sorry for such an elitest mindset...
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    Wilson Racquet Recommendation

    It's really up to you. Do whatever you need to ensure you and your partner can start a practice rally. my feeds are more of a tap with a continental grip.