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    wilson burn fst 95

    By the way... That's what she (and Shroud) said.
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    wilson burn fst 95

    In the racket's "defense".... Nothing is stiff enough for @Shroud.
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    Pros pro art of war specs

    I definitely ordered two IIs... So that was not the reason for me. Crazy QC all the way.
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    How do you weave crosses with Poly?

    Watching the video, I think I noticed something that might mean I do this wrong. When pulling tension on crosses I release the previous clamp before applying the "new" clamp. It looks like Irvin always leaves that previous clamp on until clamping again on the same side. I release only while...
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    Pros pro art of war specs

    Just got an email back from Pros Pro about the Pioneer... "The Pioneer is not the same racket as the Art of War II, it's a new model. But they are very similar. The only difference is the weight: Art of War II had 320 g, Pioneer has 285 g." Balance point is given as "310 +/- 7,5 mm". 31 cm...
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    Pros pro art of war specs

    Well, I love to tinker. If I was playing more competively I would feel otherwise, but I actually like the air of mystery in things once in a while. When do we get that anymore?.... Makes it exiting. Like I say, when they had the 3 for 54€ deal going I could and should have bought 9 (162€ for 9...
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    Pros pro art of war specs

    Here in Europe at least, they have a new Pros Pro racket called the Pioneer... It looks like the same mold as the Art of War 98... but with a drastically lower weight. No RA is listed, but they never really tell you that and I wouldn't believe it if they did. I might have to give it a try. If...
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    Pros pro art of war specs

    I have two of those. They are super flexy, I don't have a way to measure it but low 40's sounds very plausible. If you grip them at the throat and squeeze it flexes like you wouldn't believe. I feel like I could make the two sides meet if I did it hard enough. So first things first - The QC is...
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    Stiffest deadest lowest powered poly

    Hey Shroud... Can you get the Topspin rackets over there?... The older CL 633 or now the Pure C1 models are 98 heads, thin beam (20 mm... I think) but somehow still have a 70 or so stiffness rating.... Oh, and they're 18x20. Not quite 75+ but with the 18x20 it's a really firm and controlled...
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    The perfect stick: Volkl C10 Pro

    A few years ago (2012 maybe?) there was a TW Black Friday deal on the glossy version.... Got it for $75.... Should have grabbed 2 of them....
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    Senior Doubles Player Racquet Quest

    I like the BLX Blade Team (Blade 104) for doubles. I leaded up the handle and the head, it serves great and volleys are solid too. I like the combo of a flexy throat stiffer head, and this seems to have that. It's not a thin or box beam but is soft enough to feel a little classic-esque. For...
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    Holy grail at goodwill !

    I See the Name Golden Team on the bay over here in Germany periodically... Just searched and there's one on there now. The model is Champion, looks like a Yonex-y headshape and boasts that it's "Designed in the U.S."
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    Artengo Raquets?

    I just was looking at these and quite a few models have something called "Soft Feel Technology".... I looked it up... It's balsa wood. I am intrigued. There's a little video to describe the "tech" and it looks like a completely filled frame with layers of balsa and something else... foam maybe.
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    Spin friendly dense string patterns

    Flexy frames with dense patterns (PT 630, Rad Tour, Prince 100...) create big spin for me... and the most usable spin. I tried to love a leaded up Head IG 300 for a while but just couldn't. I understood what the open pattern gave me; Baseline and serves were sweet but I still felt like I had...
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    Should poly strings be banned?

    In my very uneducated opinion... I think it's just evolution and there's always periods of climb and plateau. I have liked seeing the crazy angles and long grueling points of the current "modern" poly-influenced game. And I also love it when guys like Zverev & yes, Fed find a way to bring some...