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    1. Feather
      I am sorry. I was a bit aggressive towards you in my post. Just like you, I also badly wanted Roger to win. I felt slightly disappointed with your pessimism. You are one of my fav posters here. I was wrong. My intuitive feelings were all wrong. Thankfully, you never rubbed it in. Once again, sorry :)
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      2. vanioMan
        You are a good poster @Feather and I believe Mr. Edberg will accept your apology.
        Jul 13, 2015
      3. sbengte
        @Feather , I am so sorry that Federer lost. I know that nothing is a given at Fed's age which is why I am never sure of him beating players much younger and fitter than him (which comes across as pessimism) . I don't believe he will ever win Wimbledon again, but he may still sneak in one last slam, maybe at the USO, who knows. And even if he doesn't , he is still GOAT. So cheer up and keep the faith :)
        Jul 13, 2015
      4. gnana prakash
        gnana prakash
        He did sneak in one but that was not USO :)
        Apr 2, 2017
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