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    Nadal and WTF

    The poetess in me is inspired...
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    Breaking: Rankings to be frozen, no tennis until June 8 earliest

    covid-19 is a Fed.t.ard. No Fedr, no tennis :sick:
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    Roland Garros moved to September - not a drill

    Just came here to say that Raphla will be the first player in world history to win 3 slams in 3 months. (PS : What is bullzie's latest account these days ?)
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    Pre-draw US Open winner prediction poll

    Let's be honest, Nadal winning is a no brainer prediction at the USO because guess what, they go to great lengths to set it up for him to make the final facing nobodies and play just one decent match in the final (or face a non-top 25 even in the final like with 2017). Delpo in his draw last...
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    Pre-draw US Open winner prediction poll

    Er...I'll take that prediction if the other 50% turns out the same ;) You didn't have a dream, did you? I am pretty pleased with myself for calling the draw, Djoker and Dimi.
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    Meet the banker moonlighting as hitting partner at USO

    I thought Reto Staubli was hitting with Fed again.
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    Nadal v federer reality check

    Who cares ? Nagal vs Federer already happened last week to decide the real #1 and the GOAT.
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    Pre-draw US Open winner prediction poll

    @maratha_warrior , any hunch about the winner ?
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    Pre-draw US Open winner prediction poll

    Check against 3 so far. I should consider a career as a tennis asstrolloger. Haven't been tracking the Open too closely, has Nadal declared his injury ?
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    Whats the point of Goffin

    The point of Goffin is to identify the champion in a slam. FO '19 Lost to eventual champion Nadal Wim '19 Lost to eventual champion Djokovic etc
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    Federer News

    What was the WB19 joke ? the "up to you" parting shot ? I thought the "how do you become a champion?" will be answered with "by converting championship points".
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    Subdued Nadal

    I hope they don't make him play a top 50 player before handing him the title.
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    Federer News

    Please read Benhur's post that I have quoted in the below post and refute the specific points in it.
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    Crazy Day For The US Open this is news at the else did he win 3 ?
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    Federer News

    Nadal and his USO draws since can write a thesis about it. His draws 'opening up" aren't really any coincidence if you ask me. USO is the slam that rigs draws 100%. I don't know if Fed stole the TD's gf or something but for some reason they have been giving him **** draws and Nadal...