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    Tennis lookalikes

    Not Pouille. Though in terms of good looks, he comes pretty close. I was thinking some Russian guy, but can't tell who.
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    Tennis lookalikes

    No, not him.
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    Tennis lookalikes

    So I feel that this actor Josh Dylan (Mamma mia , here we go again) bears a strong resemblance to some tennis player , I just cannot tell who and it is driving me nuts. Someone please help out :
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    The rise of Canadian tennis

    No P No Peliwo on the list ? Felix Arthur Ash-ime I thought was future GOAT based on birthday alone.
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    Did Federer do the right thing ?

    Fully agree, fixed some typos for you
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    Nadal's right knee is increasingly fragile

    Tooth. You left out the tooth. He had a legit tooth injury a few years ago.
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    Nadal's right knee is increasingly fragile

    Add this to Nadal decline poetry thread before it is gone.
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    Was Indian Wells Rigged for Nadal??

    Too bad Nads couldn't escape 23-16
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    Federer vs Nadal semi-final Indian Wells 2019!

    I remember posting here that Fed would regret it (pushing himself rather than pull out). Exactly that happened, ruined the rest of the year.
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    What Sloan Stephens Likes the Most about Fed

    When did she get to smell him ?
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    Cool Nadal pics (outfits included)

    His on court shot making pictures would look so much better if he didn't make those horrible grimacing faces. But then that is true for 98% of the pros on tour. Not everyone can look zen while hitting a FH/BH.
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    @Feather , my post saying Fed will never win Wimb again back in 2015 has aged really well ;-)

    @Feather , my post saying Fed will never win Wimb again back in 2015 has aged really well ;-)
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    IW projected draws

    Haven't you got the memo ? Federer and Djokovic are always to get the toughest draws in a tournament and Ralph the easiest : For the last decade or so and counting..
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    2019 Indian Wells - ATP Masters 1000 - General Discussion

    Not bad, Tio still did a good job keeping Ralph's path clear. Sure there was a mixup with Kyrgios landing in Djoker's draw instead of Fed's but Fed has Stan.
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    Massive choke from Rafa tonight!

    Bean ? I thought it looked more like a pear ?