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    A good string for AeroPro Drive st. (5.0 baseliner)

    Wow. That was a long time ago. I have no recollection of the slipperiness, nor actually of the string itself. Also, I have no idea about the current Laserfibre strings, other than I heard the current Laserfibre is an entirely different company making strings that are different than the original...
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    Clash 108

    Any updated or new feedback on the Clash 108 ?
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    Alternatives to Gel Resolution 7

    The Court FF is not narrower than GR7, or at least that's my experience as I found the FF to be wider. I was a size 11 GR user from GR1 thru GR5. Starting with GR6 and continuing with GR7, size 11 became longer and narrower, so it no longer fit properly. I tried size 10.5, but it was too...
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    *NEW* Poly/Poly Hybrid thread (reviews and recipes)

    I just played a couple of sets with 17ga Tier One Firewire Boost (Firewire/Ghostwire). Great combo of power, control, spin and comfort. I'm interested to see how long this level of playability lasts. I'm not a big string breaker, so if I can get 8 hrs near this level of playability before I...
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    Poly Strings: How to decide? or Should you always try new strings?

    My limited 4+ hours experience with Technifibre Ice Code 17ga strung at 46lbs was good playability with so-so spin, however, my arm started feeling it in a negative way shortly after I started hitting with it so I proactively cut it out after the end of my second session with it before things...
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    Rackets similar to the blx six one 95 16x18

    The most recent racket I've hit with that reminded me of the 6.1 95 16x18, which I played with for many years thru various generations, is the Prince Phantom Pro 93P (14x18). The head size is more like a 95 than a 93. Highly recommend giving it a hit.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    The good news is that I read somewhere that there will be/is a v7 98S, but the bad news is that it will only be sold in Europe. I hope I'm wrong ! Can anyone verify ?
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    Does Nat Gut lose tension? Replace when frayed ?

    Wow. That is some seriously defective gut. Who makes it and what did you pay for it. I do recall many years ago playing with some low-end, more-or-less, no-name gut that didn't last long and had poor playability. I learned my lesson from that.
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    Does Nat Gut lose tension? Replace when frayed ?

    My normal string setup for many years is Pacific Tough Gut 16g in the mains with Gosen Micro 16 syn gut in the crosses both at 60lb in a Wilson 6.1 95 16x18. I should note that I'm not a string breaker in general. For me, this setup holds its tension and maintains its playability for many...
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    New Volkl String -massive spin

    Thanks for everyone's feedback on the V-Square. How does the V-Square compare to Cyclone Tour in terms of power/comfort/spin/tension maintenance?
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    Anyone still using any of the Wilson Steam rackets ?

    Thanks for the photo. I checked some old images of her and she definitely used to play with the Steam. The Burn Spin Effect racket has 16 crosses, so I guess its likely she's now playing with a Steam with a Burn paint job as you suggested. Nice find !
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    Anyone still using any of the Wilson Steam rackets ?

    Thanks for your interest, but no, I'm not planning on selling it right now. If I change my mind, I'll let you know.
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    Vortex Tennis Racquets

    Sounds good. I hope it works out for you.
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    Does anyone know the status of the Wilson Ultra line of rackets going forward ?

    I noticed that the Wilson Ultra line of rackets, except for one, is on clearance. Does anyone know the status of the Wilson Ultra line of rackets going forward ? Are they being refreshed, discontinued or replaced with something new ? Also, anyone know if Wilson will have continue with a...
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    Anyone still using any of the Wilson Steam rackets ?

    I was just wondering if anyone is still using any of the Wilson Steam rackets, which had a lot of Clash-like hype back around 2013, though maybe a little less hype than the Clash. Anyway, back around 2013, I bought both the Steam 99S and Steam 99 (non-S). I mainly tried playing with the 99S...