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    The one that got away from Rafa - Australian Open 2013

    He lost to Zeballos in Viña Del Mar if I remember correctly so no way
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    Yonex Ezone 2022 AO

    Paint job looks alright, maybe a bit conservative. I like the futuristic look of the 2020 version better but no gripes with this one.
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    Did you buy a new racquet in 2021!

    Bought a new Speed MP Black in April, sold it together with my white Speed MPs in September, felt too sluggish sometimes. Bought 2 barely used Ezone 98 2020 as a replacement and have been using them since with good success. As an impulse buy I also got 2 new Prince TXT 290 since I’m a big fan...
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    Tsitsipas needs surgery

    I not a great fan of his personality but tenniswise he’s ten times more interesting to watch as Med and Zverev. Hope he comes back soo, same goes for Thiem.
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    Absolutely. This frame strung with Hyper G provides loads of feedback, doesn’t feel muted at all.
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    I have the chance to grab a cheap 100T Textreme from 2015 (the orange and black one). Is there a huge difference to the current 290 gram version with Twaron?
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    Moya and Ferrero in Hall of fame

    I didn’t even know that there was a Tennis HOF. To me the whole thing is a very American concept (in sports at least) and serves foremost as a marketing/engagement tool. The English and German soccer leagues didn’t even have HOFs until very recently.
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    2021 Vienna Open SF: Alcaraz Garfia vs Zverev

    I would love seeing Alcaraz beating Zverev, but unlike Berretini (bh) Zverev has no major holes in his game and is a better defender. But if he’s too passive and his serve lets him down, there will be chances for the Spaniard. I enjoy Alcaraz’ game so much more so I’m rooting for him to win
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    Who all has been playing with the Graphene 360+ Speed Pro or MP?

    I’ve been using the MP since its release. Excellent frame all around, I just wished for a bit more maneuverability sometimes. Works best with poly strung at 51 lbs max. I’ve been testing the Ezone 98 lately and like it better for my 2hbh and the easy power it provides. It also comes through the...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Head Boom MP (Prototype 2021) Racquet

    Specs on the Pro variant look promising. If they use the Bianchi blue as main color I’m out though
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    Yopal (Colombia) August 14 - 26

    I know it's extremely improbable but hit me up if you happen to be there and wanna play. My level is around 4.0
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    *** Long Live The Radicals ***

    I am really curious about the new 360+ MP but the PJ is a bitter pill to swallow. Any chance they release an alternative PJ midterm? They didn’t for the 360 MP, did they?
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    Head Speed MP (360+ & Older Gens) Official Thread

    Looking at some of the Head offerings I think it has to be Lynx since it’s rounded and seems to be 1,20 mm strong?!
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    Head Speed MP (360+ & Older Gens) Official Thread

    Any idea which string Head uses for their new & pre strung racquets? I bought a new black Speed MP a month ago and it came with a black string. Often these factory strings are garbage but 4 hours in I think I like it better than Hyper G which I normally use in my Speed MPs. Feels really...