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    Federer - 56 Career Grand Slam quarterfinals - from winning 16 Championships of 28 to 4 of 28

    Less to do with competition and more to do with it being tougher past the age of 30.
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    What is it that Stanimal has over Djokovic which Roger and Rafa don’t have?

    Yes but some context is missing from those numbers. Nadal was about 5-0 or 6-0 ahead (or something) at the start of their careers. Djokovic eventually got good enough to at least match or better Nadal across the surfaces. Wawrinka 4-4 is notable because Nadal and Federer have generally both...
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    Nadal vs Federer U.S Open 2019 G.O.A.T MATCH

    You've written 3 false statements in there and 3 other things that are completely irrelevant to to the GOAT debate. That's some going for 2 paragraphs.
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    Roger is the easy favorite for the title right now

    50/50 definitely. Nadal is strolling through this summer like it's 2013.
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    Roger Federer has never retired in his career

    Federer's record is to be commended but he's slightly lucky he's never had anything to take him out of a match whether he liked it or not (like Becker's wrist snap at Wimbledon). I wonder whether he might have retired against Raonic had he not already had 2 sets on the board and thought he...
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    Djokovic Matches Federer On 'Big Titles' Leaderboard

    Is this a thing now? I think we should also have a list that includes 500's.
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    At this moment, would you put Djokovic ahead of Nadal?

    Still Nadal but maybe not for longer than another 12/18 months or so.
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    No one is talking about choking Nadal :)

    It's called a percentage play. He made the approach, hit a mediocre one (not great accuracy but it had pace), and Djokovic found the line. More times than not Federer probably wins that point, even against Djokovic. Not a choke. Just bad luck. Everybody gets broken at some point. From 7-7 both...
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    What was it about the TBs

    I'm not sure they think in terms of 'overturning' the rivalry. More..what I can do to maybe win the next big match against him?
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    What was it about the TBs

    Ok fair enough. It was a match full of weird anomalies. Djokovic in the tie breaks was one of them.
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    No one is talking about choking Nadal :)

    Octorok thinks it's Virtua Tennis. You know, just press X, smack it down the line. Job done.
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    No one is talking about choking Nadal :)

    Friday just proves what garbage h2h is. Fed gets one over Nadal in a major and what silverware does he get out of it? F-all.
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    No one is talking about choking Nadal :)

    Correct (for a change).
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    No one is talking about choking Nadal :)

    His standard was ace-ace, then missed by an inch, then was passed by an inch. There's no choke there except in trollsville.