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  • Hi Scotus
    Is it possible you would know of a Prince 90 with stiffness over 59 and less than 70, 93 sq inch but under 11oz either CTS or constant beam by any chance?
    Im after something closer to narrow sharp edged blade like crosssection frames like some cheaper alum racquets basically very aero by crisp.
    This would be very helpful thank you.
    I know of no such frame. All Prince 90s are pretty hefty. If you want to go below 11 oz, you need to look at 95 sq inch head size or larger.

    Google "racquet finder"
    Ive been on Racquet finder for over a decade but the old racquets disappeared on that algorythm. I really like the CTS design so easy to control balls but overheads have gotten harder pushing 40 and as a woman Im not as strong as Sabalenka or Sabattini anymore :) - The only 93 is the Head but Im after the narrow knife like beam than box or tapered box beams.
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