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    Weight added inside handle

    Cotton ball is supposed to be pushed down the handle before "gooey mess" is added. So how do you know that the cotton balls aren't already in the handle?
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    New Pro Kennex Black Ace series 2020

    What a Volkl 10 Series used to be ... a long long time ago
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    Fed talking about his racquet/string lineage

    What does he want to achieve when he shanks one?
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    Now I know how Sampras fans feel

    A Sampras fan here
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    Prince racquets 2 knots or 4

    4 knots and two piece are the same thing
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Babolat Pure Strike (16x19, 18x20, Tour) 3rd Gen Playtest

    scotus' review of babolat pure strike 2019 16x19 Racquet Received: Pure Strike 2019 16X19 String and tension used for test: Tecnifibre HDX Tour 16 gauge 57 lbs, machine prestretched 20% Tennis experience/background: Played highest level at 4.5 NTRP, currently 4.0 or less. Describe your playing...
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    Sales Tax on clothes & shoes shipped to PA ?

    It reads like a gray area. The term "tennis shoes" used as a generic term for sneakers is non-taxable for sure. But those performance shoes designed specifically for the game of tennis could be taxable.
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    Head butt cap fit TF40?

    I have Head butt caps on my Tecnifibre TFight Limited, if that helps at all.
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    Sales Tax on clothes & shoes shipped to PA ?

    Is that right? I thought I paid taxes back when I lived in Philly. I remember not having to pay sales taxes in Jersey, if memory serves right.
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    Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up

    I was talking about Tecnifibre HDX Tour, not Head Velocity.
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    Do you kill the net player if you get a short ball? doubles.

    At this year's Wimbledon doubles, Nicholas Mahut got hit in the face 3 times in one match.
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    Is Stefanos Tsitsipas really 6ft4' tall?

    Posture Camera angle Shoe height
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    Nadal/Fognini Relationship

    Juan can confirm this.