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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Are you comparing Kev and Kev+ in the same gauge?
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Don't know if you have commented on this subject before. What is your opinion on Ashaway's Kevlar Plus? I ordered a bunch of Crossfire ZX, thinking I was getting regular Kev and ZX, but it came with Kev+.
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    Why does Djokovic have such a poor overhead/smash?

    Whenever Novak needs to hit any overhead, he gets an irresistible urge to bounce the ball 5 to 15 times. On serves, he has time to satisfy this urge, so he hits decent serves, but on overhead smashes, he gets one or no bounce, hence the frequent errors.
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    Well, the tour can say goodbye to this year's RG

    I am going with Novak. I think he plays better in the slam when he does not win all the tourneys leading up to it. Less pressure, I suppose.
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    Memory Lane...What Racquet(s) were u using between 1985-1990?

    Dunlop Max 200G Prince Response Prince CTS Lightning
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    Djokovic Calendar Year Grand Slam: Can anyone stop him?

    Pepe has stopped him before and he can do it again.
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    Kyrgios playing like a legend

    You mean he has been playing like the retired pros on the champions tour?
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    Nadal 08 v Djokovic 11

    All depends on the condition of Ralph's knees, Nole's mind and elbow, and what kind of PED they are able to use.
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    2 hrs of wrestling today

    If you do, don't mess with the Zohan.
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    Heartbroken as a Michael Jackson fan.

    What's the big deal? It's not like those kids died from it. --- Barbara
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    Buttcap on Prince phantom pro 93P

    Wrap overgrip over the edges.
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    Prince 93P 14x18 on TW

    Should be heftier than both POG and 93p. One of mine is about 370 g strung, overgrip, etc. Original flex should be around 59 RA, but I believe the resin deteriorates quickly, judging by the reports of its incredibly low RA readings from some fellow forum members.
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    Kit Rackets?

    It would be nice if each racquet company designates one authorized dealer per region to customize the length of racquets. The company would ship them raw frames that are uncut, so that the dealer could cut it according to the customer's wish and then put on the butt cap and the base grip. It's...