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    Forehand Loop ATP vs WTA Forehand Questions

    really i thought wta was more flat and atp was more loopy. or looking at the net.. ready for a forehand. your arm goesback not to the backfence but to the next fence if you keep taking it back. thought that was wta. as atp shorter takeback.
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    Do you care about doubles tennis?

    i like the female doubles. also i recognize a lot of the female doubles players.. mainly because they're also in the singles draws. wta is so unpredictable so i think they sign up for everything they can because a top10 player can lose to anyone when it comes to wta so at least they have...
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    Hawk Eye better than chair umpire on clay

    was very dangerous.. thinking you won could really have released all the tension..adrenaline..dropping your guard among other happy juices in your head.
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    No one is talking about Zverev

    yeah that women beater has been doing pretty good this tournament. i think he is very confident this time, and he wants to show it to everyone by wearing that singlet. but just like his muscles.. they are small which is also how his mental game usually is.. weak. i said a lot of mean sounding...
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    Musetti: "I did it for the crowd..."

    got upset over the huge comeback and got depressed and quit.
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    What do guys think of the Fed - Cilic match drama?

    federer has always challenged the umpires when given violations. it's not new. he also overruled the umpire and gave his point to cilic during a tiebreaker. "he was getting one up on the umpire" "nice guy even during close moments" "mental tactics which dropped cilics guard" cilic was given a...
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    New Prince Twistpower X100

    i think if you want a light racket, this is great! but there is few review of people getting arm pain. even i had arm pain when i first use. is not a tennis elbow but golfer elbow area. i gave it a break, wait for arm to calm down and come back.. no pain since. i used a synthetic gut in it...
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    Do You Model Your Game After a Pro?

    i follow saisai zheng, and seen her in person few times. when i watched her in person she was hitting with so much topspin.. even had nadals racket. doubt it's the same weight tho. but yeah you tend to see a similar style and give it a try.. until you get your ass whooped. i also really like...
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    Flat serve with topspin

    pretty sure most short peoples flat serves have topspin. if ball was a facial face. tall people can get on top of the ball where the hairline is in middle. when short people ball go for the bangs/fringe. it'll be flatter from the hairline but i think there'll be more unintentional spin on the...
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    Tecnifibre T-Rebound 298 Iga Swiatek signature racquet

    i don't know who she is but i'm always a fan of light rackets. i'll be keen to try.
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    Perfect One Hander By Coach Patrick M.

    he keeps it deep. it's a good backhand to maintain a rally. but i would of liked to see him amp it up. to me it look flats. very basic of the "low to high" the low to high to keep it in but not the low to high using topspin/strings. if that makes sense. one handers who can do this is a good...
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    Jack Sock...

    his forehand was a monster in doubles. think he hurt it in a ski trip and hasn't had that killer forehand since? maybe just coincidence.
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    Court hogging shenanigans. What's your verdict?

    my courts have bookings/timers also. only problem is all 14 courts are booked at say the best time to play (after work) but only 2 courts are being used. so anyone who wanted to make booking won't bother showing up thinking it's to busy. these free bookings for members.. people just book...
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    Court hogging shenanigans. What's your verdict?

    i remember a group of people doing this. hosting there own "tournament". they all kept switching courts and eventually they left the court which the next people came by and took and been playing for about 15 minutes when the other people came back with 4 claiming they are doing a tournament and...
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    New Prince Twistpower X100

    i've used the twistpower a lot when i was japan and even bring one back with me. only time i had an issue with it.. i had a tightness discomfy in my elbow.. not tennis-elbow but i think they refer it as golfer-elbow. i switched racket until pain dissapear and come back. still using twistpower...